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best car to buy in 2022 March

jakky athula

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I am having suzuki hustler and want to upgrade my car. I am thinking about few models and I have budget upto 8mn.
here are my list of concerns 

toyota roomy
toyota corolla 141
honda fit gp5
toyota aqua
honda grace
suzuki xbee

my mindset is something like this
I am afraid to buy older cars and I normally do not buy cars with millage over 70,000. This is because I dont want to waste time on garage.

can you give me your thoughts / suggestions about these models or may be another model?


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When I look at your choices, I fail to see what exactly you are expecting in terms of an "upgrade". Is it that you want a car with a larger engine capacity ? More space ?

When buying a car in SL..do not trust milages at all. If you tell someone that you want a car with 70,000km or less there will magically be a whole host of cars with less than 70,000. If you think that a car ith more than 70,000km means that you are spending time in garages, that is because the car has not been taken care of. 100,000km, etc..is really nothing much for any car. In SL most of these cars end up in garages all the time is because they have been poorly taken care of (no preemptive maintenance, cheap parts used, barely changed oil on time, etc...type) AND they have done a LOT LOT more than what the odometer shows. So please do not judge cars by this whole 70,000km ideology you have.

Out of the cars...the only car that excites me is the XBee. It is quite a fun little all rounder. However, having a Hustler, the look and feel of the car might not feel much different than what you already have.

Roomy : More space....not very exciting to drive....no frills, no fuss A to B type of car.

Aqua : Nimble little frame but the steering and suspension dynamics let it down (can be fixed with upgrades). no frills, no fuss A to B car. Interior feels cheap, higher trim levels make it a titsy bitsy teeny weeny little better.

Corolla 141 : With the added weight the car is nice and stable (compared to a hustler) on highways and stuff. Not the most fuel efficient and at times the engine might feel sluggish. Gearbox is twitchy and searches for gears.

Grace : Probably the nicest and most refined interioir finish of all the cars on your list.

Fit : Second nicer car to drive. Between an Aqua and a Fit, the Fit is a much better car in terms of driving engagement, interior finish, etc...but compared to the Aqua it does feel a bit rolly polly with a bit of body roll (probably because of the taller body).

So...if it was my money...I would get the XBee or the Fit...followed by everything else with not much excitement just because I wanted to get a car.


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