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Car Registration Book


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1. Hi, If someone can transfer ownaship of the vehical without my permission(I have no the orginal book it lost)?

2. If the book mortgaged, the orginal owner can get duplicate book? (I'm the owner of the book, My uncle requested the vehicle book from me and I gave it.) I don't know he is mortgaged it

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This is very confusing.

Whose name is on the book as the owner of the car?

If it is your name on the book as the owner...have you signed any blank transfer forms?

If it is YOUR name on the document as the owner, then there needs to be additional documents from you (like signed transfer papers, sales documents, power of attorney, your ID copy, etc...) if someone is to transfer the car to their name or even put it as collateral to a bank. If you have lost the book, then a duplicate book can be obtained from the RMV. Even to do that, you need to prove your ownership of the car (if YOU are the registered owner of the car, if you are not, then you need the help of the previous owner who is still registered as the owner in the system to certify that he has sold the car to you).

If the car is on open papers from the previous owner or the car is on open papers under your name (where you have signed blank transfer documents, sales documents, etc...) then whoever has the car and the "book" can go and claim that they bought the car and do whatever they want with it. I hope someone can correct me if I am wrong.

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