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The Changing Indian Automobile Industry


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Hi guys, just wanted to share some stuff on this. I know we joke about indian made cars and the image problem they have(especially in SL), yet i was in India last week on a personal visit and i must say the total car landscape has changed drastically..gone are the days roads are filled with ambassadors and marutis, now its mostly japanese, korean and european and of course the indian cars.

With the market a booming economy and purchasing power of indians increasing so much the average middle class can indeed afford a decent car, my cousin who lives and works there just bought(while i was there) the new Honda civic(its not made there but diretly imported) and it costs 1.3mil(indian).Suzuki indian swift costs 4-4.5 lakhs while i guess the indian one is 2.5 mil upwards over here??

Most european car manufactures are setting up plants there including BMW(saw a couple of 7 series as well), AUDI, RENAULT and Volkswagen(the new passat is being introduced soon there) also in Mumbai you find the Rolls Royce showroon and Porsche as well.Plus Toyota, mercedes, mitsubishi, hyundai etc are already there.

its quite sad when we see other third world contries developing rapidly whereas we are just falling back.....

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Agree buddy... would it be the govts plan to somehow earn as much as possible off the consumer public n then after being satisfied with "development" bring down the taxes again or is it permanent hassle we ve gotta live with?

Seriously when i hear bout ma cuz in the UK buying a darn recon BMW for a mere 2000 odd pounds it brings envy to me as over here ya ve gotta literally save up for like 2 years or even more n then go for a vehicle.. :lol:

India on the other hand are doing everything they could to get foreign based investments into their country cuz they understand the situation which they would be in if they were to follow a closed barriered type of trade.. its a pity dese moronz in our parliaments do not understand...

Singapore took SL as a example for development.. now i guess s'pore alone would ve been ashmed of chosing SL as a role model at that time considering where v r now..


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its quite simple - No one Cares or knows what they're doing!!!

they curb imports saying the infrastructure cant handle the volume of cars

BUT they charge 300%+ duty & do nothing to improve anything

what those who run the country dint realise is that its a cycle...

if u have good infrastuctue n business environment - u have more businesses

thet means more economic activity - intern more revenue in corporate tax

& thus govt revenue

but these myopic sods think of only short term action which in essence really does sweet nothing for anyone! :-/

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