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Choosing My Next Vehicle - Allion 260, Axio Hybrid, or Prius?


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I am planning to purchase a new vehicle and have narrowed down my options to three choices: the Toyota Allion 260 (2011-2012 model), the Toyota Axio Hybrid (2014-2015 model), and the Toyota Prius (2013-2015 model).

Fuel consumption is not my primary concern, I am particularly interested in a few specific areas:

1. Comfort:
2. Driving Pleasure
3. Interior Options
3. Aesthetics: In terms of interior and exterior look, which car stands out the most to you

4. Maintainability and repairs
Any insights, personal experiences, or recommendations regarding these vehicles?

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@shank these cars have been discussed in detail in the forum. I am pretty sure you would find the answers to all your questions if you do a quick search in the forums.

Just to give you a quick summary.

1. Prius and Allion are more or less the same and would be a matter of preference. The Axio Hybrid comes in last. It is based on the smaller and entry level Vits platform. So the ride is not as nice and reformed as the Allion/Prius.

2. None. Go buy a Lancer or a Mazda 3 or Axela. These being common A to B cars from Toyota they have no pleasure what so ever. There is zero steering wheel feedback, accelerator feels numb, suspension is soft. If you get an Allion with a 1.8L or 2.0L engine then you have a bit of acceleration feel. Keep in mind these are cars built for average people who are looking for a box on wheels to get them from A to B in moderate comfort. If I was to rank in drivability I would say

Prius (in SPORT mode with a properly functioning Hybrid System) > Allion (assuming its 1.5) and Axio tied for being equally lethargica and boring.

3./4.  Interior options are dependent on the trim level of the car and what the person who bought the car in Japan ordered the car with. In Japan these cars were offered with the same sort of accessories when buying new. You may find an Axio better equipped than an Allion or an Allion better equipped than a Prius.  Since these are cars for different market segments there are some slight differences in finish and refinement. The Prius and Allion are mid-sized sedans in Japan so they have the same sort of finish and refinement (i.e. materials used on seats, dash etc...); The Prius might seem a bit more futuristic and techie because it is a Prius whilst the Allion interior design being a bit modest and minimalistic/simple. Again...depends on the trim level.

The Axio is an entry level sedan in Japan and it is based on the Vitz platform. Finish and refinement may not seem as "good" as the Prius/Allion.

So this depends on personal preference.

The Allion is based on a platform and technology that is fro the early 2000s so it is quite old fashioned. Which also means even a monkey with a hammer in the middle of no where Thanthirimale can fix it with a rope and a twig. This also means things like safety tech are somewhat old fashioned.

The real question you should be asking yourself is, Why these 3 Toyotas ? For market value and sticking with the trend? or because you really like these cars? Are there any other cars (non Toyotas) for the same price range (or even less) that offer more in terms of 1,2,3 and 4 ?

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On 5/31/2023 at 10:58 AM, shank said:

1. Comfort:
2. Driving Pleasure
3. Interior Options
3. Aesthetics: In terms of interior and exterior look, which car stands out the most to you

4. Maintainability and repairs

1) Allion and Prius are more comfy than the Axio 

2) Out of the 3 you mentioned surprisingly it would be the Prius as it at least has a bit of acceleration than the other two - unless your Allion is a 1.8 L unit, which is quite rare.  Once again the Axio at the bottom - it just feels so weird and disconnected to drive and sluggish.

3) This would depend on the grades - of course if you're the kind of guy who likes a lot of bling bling and what-not get a Prius. The Allion is basically a car from 15 years ago.  The axio's interior is rather spartan. 

3b) Aesthetics - subjective. I don't like the exterior look of the prius but that's me. 

4) Easy. The non-hybrid. Allion.

Another input is that these 3 are very very popular cars - hence routinely abused. Very hard to find an honest specimen. It's a bit more scary when you consider the Prius and Axio's are super economical and used as fleet cars and taxis, run half a million km's and mileage rolled back. Same could apply for the Allion but I dare say you could find a lesser abused Allion than a prius or axio. 

IF i was pointed a gun and asked to chose one of these - I'd pick an Allion. If there was no such pressure - then I'd explore what Mitsubishi, Honda and Mazda have to offer 


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Posted (edited)

According to my honest experience,

1. Comfort - Allion 260 > Axio > Prius

2.Driving pleasure - Prius > Axio > Allion 260

3.Options - Prius > Axio > Allion 260

4.Aesthetics - Allion 260 > Axio > Prius (In Prius that grey plastics and AC controllers in 3rd gen feels more cheaper than new axio)

Acceleration wise, I used 2013 Premio same 1NZ-FE 1.5L engine as Allion 260 and it took 12.7 secs to hit 0-100Km/h. In Axio hybrid it took 9.4 secs with the assist of electric motor. In Prius it took 8.8 secs. Prius equipped with 1.8L engine.

Allion - 109hp (only gas power)  +  CVT (Belt CVT like scooters)

Axio hybrid - 74hp + 61hp Combined 135hp  +  e-CVT (2 Motors with 2 planet carriers)

Prius - 98hp + 27hp Combined 134hp  +  e-CVT (2 Motors with 2 planet carriers)

There is a little bit comfort difference in Allion not much as rolls Royce like some dudes are saying. New Axio has lesser bodyroll amount when cornering compared to Allion. Prius has better handling and driving pleasure than other two but it's bumpy. Axio is more comfortable than Prius due to softer suspension. Some dudes are saying it's on Vitz platform but it is not. NKE-165 is based on Jdm Corolla platform.

Maintenance wise, Allion is good. Axio is also good if you properly maintain the brakes and battery. Prius 3rd gen is older now and I heard their battery manufacturing process was ended :( 

You need to choose good one between Allion 260 and Axio hybrid, It's based on your needs both are good economy vehicles.

To me, The 1.5L Allion/Premio is good only in comfort a little bit when compared to Axio NKE-165. Otherwise the Axio is a good car to use A-B. The choice is up to you :)





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13 hours ago, Asanka Sandaru said:

Some dudes are saying it's on Vitz platform but it is not. NKE-165 is based on Jdm Corolla platform.

Sadly you are the one who is wrong :)

You are confused about the chassis/model code designation with the platform. The platform used has nothing to do with the chassis/model code designation. 

The Axio you talk about is based on the Toyota B platform, which is used for small-bodied FWD vehicles.

The Allion is based on the MC platform. So is the first generation Axio and the 2nd generation RAV4. That doesn't mean that they all will have the same chassis designation. The Allion is T24x/T26x, Axio E14x and RAV4 A2x.

Both JDM E160 Corolla (i.e. Axio NKE16x and NZE16x) and Vitz are based on the same platform, the B platform. The NKE165 describes the engine type, the vehicle model/class and the subvariant of that vehicle/model (NK= NK series engine, E16x = designation for a Corolla base of a 160 series and the 5 is a subcode for the body/config variant).  

I am not disputing your review of comfort or anything as it is your opinion and things like that are very subjective. However, you should know...

Because the Axio and the Vitz share the same platform, they share the same floorpan, suspension setup choices, engine placement, etc...Things like the wheelbase fall within similar measurements (usually, a floorpan design allows some flexibility in either extending or shortening the wheelbase. Because the E160 Axio uses the same B platform as the Vitz, the interior dimensions are quite smaller compared to the E140 Axio *which used the MC platform) and it is closer to that of the Belta/Vios (and the Vitz too). This also meant that the car was a lot lighter than the previous gen Axio (by about 100kg). As a result, how the car sits on the road, and the road fatigue felt by the were quite poor compared to the previous gen Axio. At the time, Japanese journalists and car enthusiasts were not very positive about the E160 Axio because compared to the E140 it was smaller and felt cheaper. Variants like the high-spec model,Luxel, were downgraded. The positives were that the base equipment was better.


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Maybe that's your feeling. it's not on Vitz NBC Platform it's on Corolla platform. Weight factor is not sufficient for improving vehicle stability. As my experience, the older 141 Axio felt like the car is flying, when the speed is over 120km/h. The new 165 one is more comfortable and stable in higher speeds with improved aerodynamics and suspensions. Also, Vitz has very stiff suspensions and it's a city based car but new 165 Axio comes with comfortable softer suspension setup. Vitz is a Hatchback and it has 3945mm of length. Axio is a compact sedan and it's got 4400mm of length. Also there are big space inside with boot. Wheel base in Vitz has 2435mm, 165 Axio has 2600mm wheelbase same as older 141 Axio and Honda grace. Also, Both 141, 165 Axios have same width 1695mm. In that manner, there is no way to say the older Axio is bigger and new Axio is using Vitz resources. It's common dimensions for compact sedans. I was also thinking about this car as you're thinking but after using it I felt it's more improved when compared with older one. Overall comfort, handling, features, cornering, safety, acceleration, seats, climate control setup and lot more improved. Some people are still like older Axio for it's beachy interior like Allion. But it's dashboard and plastics are way cheaper and wear quickly than new model. The only negative side is new Axio is the center console is bit lower but it's not a big practical problem at all.  it's also has better expert rating 7.9 out of 10. The 4th gen Prius is also rated 7.8. I was also unable to find any proper review for this car in youtube. Most of them are talking different thing to each other. I would like to say, First find a good condition vehicle and then drive it without listen to others. then you can feel what I'm saying. I'm not pointing this to you my friend. Don't judge by book it's cover. lol 

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I don't know about the new Axio but I owned the 2010 Axio a few years ago. Now I own a 2017 Vitz. I'd like to just say the Steering response and controllability are better in Vitz than in older Axio. Sometimes older Axio loses stability at higher speeds in southern expressway even with good tires. I was inspected several times my car in several placed but there wasn't any issue. I was scared after that and sold it. I heard there are too many safety issues and recalls with earlier 2012 Toyota's. Now I'm happy with my 2017 Vitz. In my opinion It's a good car with more safety options but I don't know why people are roasting it. At least you can save your life without staying in outdated older gears.

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Posted (edited)


@Asanka Sandaru..read at your own will...since you seem to be the type who would happily be ignorant to facts just to feel comfortable in your belief and pull-out numbers to make believe that you are right...I doubt you will.

Now...for starters...you have no idea what you are talking about. The NBC platform was the previous generation platform used for the P10 series Vitz (i.e. first gen Vitz). This platform was retired in the mid 2000s and was replaced by the B platform.  The P90 and P1xx series Vitzes used the B platform. So does the E16x series. So you are sadly mistaken. 

There is no such thing called a Corolla platform. Well...not for the last 30 years atleast. Since then, Corollas (and all other cars) are based on a series of common platforms. The E12x and E14x JDM Corolla/Axio was based on the MC and new MC platforms, and the latest is based on the TNGA-C platform.  

I never spoke about external dimensions. Externally of course the Corolla is larger than a Vitz ! According to your logic then the Fielder should be on a different platform as that is even longer than the sedan !

A platform is the foundation for a car...depending on the model the body placed on this "foundation" can be larger or smaller.  Cars using the same platform will have similar characteristics in suspension setup, engine layout, wheelbase size, etc.. The Probox/Succeed and even the Sienta (previous model) were all based on the B platform but they all have larger bodies. I did say that every platform has a bit of capability to expand the wheelbase. So the Vitz and the E16x Axio, the Probox and the Sienta and a whole host of other cars although are on the same platform the wheelbases are slightly different (there is a logic behind while some cars are called Pxxx whilst the Corollakept the E16x number..but I don't want to waste my time on you to explain that). 

7 hours ago, Asanka Sandaru said:

In that manner, there is no way to say the older Axio is bigger and new Axio is using Vitz resources.

As for internal dimensions....I find it amusing that you believe that you are correct in what you believe even though Toyota themselves have stated otherwise. Here....read it yourself:



You might say that the difference is not that much and its only a matter of a few cm. Well guess what...so is the interior size dimensions between a E16x Axio and a P1xx series Vitz. According to you there is a huge difference in cabin space between the two :) So..same logic you will have to deduce that there is a huge difference in space between the E14x Axio and the E16x Axio. When it comes to vehicle dimensions a cm or 2 can make a huge difference ! Here are the interior dimensions for a Vitz:



Vehicle weight does play a part in a vehicle's stability along with the suspension setup and the body design. Stability has more to do with where the center of gravity of the car would be placed. I was talking about road fatigue. Every car, as it travels, disburses vibrations and other forces onto whatever is inside the car. These vibrations occur from things like the engine as well as the imperfections on the road. When a car is heavier, the car is less affected by small imperfections on the road surface. This is why in something like a Crossover (even a basic one) the human body feels less tired than riding the same stretch in a smaller sedan or a hatchback. The E140 does a lot better in that sense (i.e. road fatigue and staying on the road...see below as to why the E160 did somethings better)

Did you know that the suspension type of both the E140 and E160 Axios are the same? MacPherson struts with coils in the front and Torsen bean with coils in the back. The only difference is the rating of the coils and the shock absorbers. The E140 is closer to that of the Allion/Premio (due to being a heavier car) and the E160 closer to the Vitz. So your observation of the E160 having a better suspension setup is simply not true.

As for the setup itself, the main difference between the two is that the E140 Axio uses a three-bolt mount pattern (like the Allion/Premio) whilst the E160 Axio has a single-bolt mount (like the Vitz). The three-bolt pattern performs much better when it comes to handling because there is less flex on the suspension mounts. <From what I can gather about you all the engineering facts simply mean nothing>.

The dimensions you talk about are dimensions that fall into Japanese tax brackets, so yes, all the sedans in the same segment have roughly the same dimensions (i.e., 5-number registration/tax classification - according to your logic even the Carina/Corona are all the same as the Corolla). I said before the same platform is used for multiple cars and the external dimensions can change depending on the application. Toyota went with the B platform (i.e., from the Vitz) because it wanted to keep the Japanese Corolla as what is called a 5-number car (for road tax reasons). The New MC platform was being retired so Toyota didn't want to reuse it as they were working on the TNGA platforms. The export model Corolla was a big body variant so fell into a larger tax bracket in Japan.

The whole idea of newer models is to evolve technology. The air conditioning systems might have improved, and because of Japanese regulations, safety equipment would have been added as they were made mandatory (E160 had to be sold with EBD, VSC/TRC as standard).So, in that sense, the E160 does and has to do better. The reason why you feel the E160 was more stable is because it had traction and stability control as standard. The E140 didn't have any of these as standard (unless it was a Luxel). Needless to say people did screw up quite a lot by thinking they were invincible much like the Premio/Allion crowd who drive like morons. At the end it doesn't mean that car did not move down a segment (from a mid-level sub compact to an entry level sub-compact...even cars like the Passo or Pixis have all these features but that doesn't change the fact that they are entry level cars). 

In terms of other creature comforts and the packaging, the previous generation did offer more. For example...look at the Luxel (not the dressed up eco models our local car salespeople built up). The E160 simply was not offered in the same level of packaging. My view is that it had to do with Toyota readjusting its lineup. The exit of the Belta and the existence of the Allion/Premio meant that the Corolla had to be shifted down.. 

As for the plastics...I am sorry but all Toyota plastics are horrid. Since the late to mid 2000s even until now Toyota interiors are ugly and plasticy. Looks a lot cheaper than the competition. That remains the same all across the board. The only exceptions are high-end models like the Crown (and maybe the Mark X).

In Sri Lanka people prefer cars like the old E140 Axio or the Allion/Premio because of its simplicity. Simplicity lies in the fact that the technology is 2 decades old and every monkey with a screw-driver believes they can fix it. Another reason is as you yourself said so (and contradicted yourself)is because the inside looks more spacious and fancy :) 

I don't know where you get your ratings from...but if you care to look at actual proper Japanese reviews and owner feedback when the car was released you will see that the E160 Axio was considered as an insult to be called Japan's car to the world. 

Toyota was supposed to cancel this model in 2020/2021 when the new Corolla was released. However, they have not been able to do that because the E160 Axio suddenly got popular again because it is the only small bodied sedan in in Japan now. It was (and got) popular with businesses because it was cheap to buy and cheap to run.

Sadly the Axio went to being an entry level sub-compact sedan from a mid-level sub-compact with the E160 series onwards.

Look, there is nothing wrong with being proud and appreciative of your own car or even having your opinion about its performance. Just don't be ignorant of simple facts. Anyone who does a simple Google search can see that the E160 Axio and the Vitz share the same platform as well as learn what a "platform" is. So learn from what you don't know rather than bark about what you think you know. 

7 hours ago, Asanka Sandaru said:

First find a good condition vehicle and then drive it without listen to others. then you can feel what I'm saying. I'm not pointing this to you my friend. Don't judge by book it's cover.

Well...I don't want to brag...but considering where I live and have lived and things I do..I am sure I have driven much better cars and more cars than you and driven them much harder than you as well :) (this includes plenty of Axios and Fielders and other Toyota models). So...thanks for your suggestion. But I do know what I know. The question is if you know what you think you know. 

Now..you would probably site some more sentences off the internet to prove that I am wrong. Good for you....you can believe whatever your NKE165 is...but don't mislead people with what you don't know.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, mahe jaye said:

In my opinion It's a good car with more safety options but I don't know why people are roasting it. At least you can save your life without staying in outdated older gears.

The Vitz is a good car. Only hitch is that 99% of the Vitzes that came to Sri Lanka are 1L variants. Sadly the 1KR engine is the worst engine option for the Vitz and performs quite poorly against other cars in the same segment. 

Yes..modern cars are safer, even the smallest ones compared to older cars thanks to the evolution of technology. But at the end of the day...a hatchback is still a hatchback and an an entry level sedan is an entry level sedan.

One cannot change the fact that the E160 Axio went down a segment compared to the E140 Axio. The E140 Axio had its positives. The E160..well it has its positives and negatives (being it went down a segment). FOr things like ride comfort etc...it is a subjective thing...I know people who think that a Mercedes E class is not as comfortable as a Premio..but that is their exposure and belief. Which is fine. 

I never said that the Vitz was bad or that the platform was bad. In fact I strongly believe that the Probox/Succeed that is based on the same platform is the best van/wagon variant around and is the true proper successor to the KE72 and the Elephant back.

1 hour ago, mahe jaye said:

I heard there are too many safety issues and recalls with earlier 2012 Toyota's.

Not really....so don't listen to hear-say from the local baas and service boy. The safety recalls mainly dealt with the accelerator pedal getting stuck due to carpets and mainly affected left-hand drive vehicles. The Asian vehicles did not get that affected by this. Other than that the safety recalls had to do with the TAKATA airbag and technical bulletins issues to fix things like AC compressors and ABS modulators. There have not been any records of significant safety failures. If this was true there would be a pile of crashed up Toyotas from that period piling up. Well..there are crashed up Allions/Premios piling up but most of them are because the drivers drove like idiots and thought their cars were invincible.


Edited by iRage
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2 hours ago, amsandun said:

For a fraction of a second, I thought that famous DFSK 580 thread just reincarnated 😄

Those were the good old days ! Welcome back :) 

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