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Honda Grace Vs Toyota Vitz


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Well...the Grace is hands down a much more refined car than the Vitz (especially since the Vitzes we have in SL are the bottom of the barrel budget trim levels with a 1L dog of an engine). You will feel the Grace to have more power, more responsive, more comfortable ride and the interior much special.

Only hitch is....the Grace is a lot more complicated car. The model period you are looking at is a time when Honda was starting to have deep integration between various systems of the car and have electronic control systems for them. So...even when something small goes wrong the car starts throwing out a bunch of errors and the meter lights up like the Borella Thorana. There are plenty of mechanics out there who know nothing about the car so they just charge an arm and a leg to fake fix these issues. Apart from that, being the JDM variant, it will have the usual DCT transmission issues.

Make sure you buy a car with a good service history (it needs to be verifiable) and loved. Make sure you get it inspected in and out.

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On 6/23/2023 at 1:57 PM, Shehan_Desha said:

I'm thinking about buying Honda Grace 2015, currently I'm using Toyota vitz 2017. 
I just like the car ( Honda Grace ) but don't know much about it.

I just want some thoughts ? 

Will definitely be an upgrade as the Grace is more of a complete car and has a lot more bells and whistles. Assuming the vitz you have is a KSP130 - (1000 cc) it is a bare bones car without even a tachometer you will really enjoy the upgrade to the Grace. However you need to be aware of the complexities of the Grace it's got a LOT of tech that is above the level of the average Sri Lankan mechanic. The local appeal for the Vitz is the same reason - it's a very very simple car with early 2000's genes and the average  Sunil sitting under a tree can fix. 

Here's another little thing to think of - barring people who migrate, since car's are not imported most people who sell cars nowadays are either car sale folk, or people trying to get 'rid' of the car. Very few people actually upgrade during these times so most of the cars on the market might not be the best units around. Get a proper check done if you're going for the grace. If you want to play it safe - might be a good idea to stick with the Vitz for a bit more. 



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