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Civic FD4



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On 8/9/2023 at 11:02 PM, hardy.ace said:

Hi all,

I'm looking at buying a Honda Civic FD4 auto car. And i would like to know about the fuel consumption and performance of this car if anybody is using it. 

Please help


So I don't own an FD4 - but few friends do - overall a very good car with excellent performance and driving dynamics - plus very easy on the eye. Don't expect the car to be very frugal - be ready for fuel figures in the range of around 10KMPL on average - give or take a bit more.  The 1.6L engine is a joy to drive and no inherent issues with the car and has gracefully aged in Sri Lanka. There are still some cars that are maintained by agents and with caring owners so try to get one and you'll be good to go. Given the age be prepared for a few repairs. Overall it's a solid choice. 

@Dee Jay owns a specimen of  the FD4's hybrid sibling the FD3 - but of course the drive trains are different but he may be able to give you some pointers on cosmetics etc

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23 hours ago, matroska said:

Don't expect the car to be very frugal - be ready for fuel figures in the range of around 10KMPL on average - give or take a bit more.

Yes, as @matroska mentioned the FD4 isn't going to give Toyota sedan level fuel efficiency. If you want performance I'd say go for the FD1 which is also having similar efficiency figures to the FD4.. Over 3000 RPM the FD1 is a beast of a car.

When it comes to the FD4, it is the least equipped FD version since it was an agent imported model made for countries in the Asian region. The agent imported FD1S is better equipped. FD1 JDM models and FD3 JDM and UK models are the most option packed FD models available in Sri Lanka.

If you are looking for a FD4 check on the maintenance history of the car and the condition of the car as with any other car and there would be many info available within the forums it self regarding the FD series Civic.

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