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Carlton Supercross 2007


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Motor Racing Association is proud to announce that the Carlton SuperCross 2007 will be held at the Ceylon AutoDrome in Tissamaharama on the 24th and 25th of February.

The proceeds of this event, organized by the Aspiring Youth Foundation and conducted by the MRA, will help fund the construction of a hospital in Anuradhapura, primarily for the use of the Armed Forces. Over time, many lives have been lost due to the inadequate facilities available to soldiers injured in the northern theatre of operations and this hospital aims to bridge that gap.

The MRA is expecting a bumper field of entries and some great racing on Sri Lanka's newest track. At 3.7 kms, the CAD track is the longest we currently have and offers a great mixture of long straights, tight technical sections as well as fast sweepers.

The Carlton SuperCross is actually part of a greater festival of sports in the area and in addition to the motor races, a horse endurance race will be conducted in the area and a bicycle race will also finish in the vicinity. Those of you who came out last time will remember what an awesome place it is and hopefully, more of you decide to make the trip and support a worthy cause.

Thanks and Regards,


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lol.. wel.. the main thing i wanted to know is whether the event was open for public registration, in the sense anybody could participate.. but looking @ ya pics i guess the events are premeditated wtih competition drivers.. is there by any chance an aerial view of the track?


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Entry list of Supercar events for Carton Super Cross 2007 as follows...

SL-GT upto 3500cc

1. Mahinda Premarathna Mitsubishi Evo 6 GSR

2. Rohan De Silva Mitsubishi Evo4 RS

3. Sanjeewa De Mel Subaru STI 8 Spec C ( Feroz Omar's Car )

4. Dinesh Jayawardana Mitsubishi Evo8 RS

5. Mario Dias Nissan Pulsar GTiR

6. Dinesh Deheragoda Mitsubishi Evo9 GT

7. Janaka Dias Subaru WRX

8. Reyaz Farook Mitsubishi Evo 7 RS

9. Carman Thenuwara Mitsubishi Evo GSR

SL-H upto 3500cc

1. Kanchana Rathnayake Mitsubishi Evo3 GSR

2. Shantha Suraweera Subaru STI 3

3. Nalin D. Perera Subaru STI 7 Spec C

4. Ameen Deen Toyota Starlet GT

5. Gamini Nelson Mitsubishi Evo4 ( Kapila Jayasundara's Car )

6. Mario Dias Nissan Pulsar GTiR

7. Dileepa Toyota Starlet GT

Mario Dias will be running two pulsar GTiRs for two events. and new face to SL-GT Sanjeewa De mel will run in GT class on Feroz Omar's Brandix STI 8.

Good Luck for all the competitors....

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I wonder when would real time sattelite streaming o locations come into play.. that would be awesome considering that any track events could be observed from above via the comfort o ya residence.. i ll do check wit Google Earth..


thats wishful thnking NexGen! :D but if that were to happen every PC would have equalent capabilty of an AWAC or Military Spy Sat!!!

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how many races have actually been held there?? i thought this was only é 1st or second race?? :huh:

lotsa actvities planned for é week end according to the tV ad....

Ado Z..where were you all this time?? :action-smiley-060:

Yes machan this is the second race ever ! Ha ha dont you know that TV is the best source of bullshit :lol:


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