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Honda Fit GP1 2013 vs Vitz 2013/14

Faslu Rajan

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With my budget I’m thinking to buy either GP1 2012/2013 or Vitz 2014/2014.  GP5 is more than 6 million. Thus I don’t have much budget. 

if we compare gp1 and vitz, what are the advantages and disadvantages I need to consider?

What features I will miss if I choose Vitz?


can both cars A/C works without starting the engine?


Thanks in advanced

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23 minutes ago, Faslu Rajan said:

f we compare gp1 and vitz, what are the advantages and disadvantages I need to consider?

GP1 Pros : Good car in the category. Nimble car with decent pickup, lot's of space, overall fun car to drive. Have bells and whistles like cruise control etc. I've owned one few years back - loved it. 

Cons : it's a hybrid that is 10 years old. Hybrid batteries might have worn out. Some GP1's developed an oil burning issue. Well documented in the forum. Despite being a hybrid you will not get gas mileage in the range of Aquas etc.

Vitz  Pros : Basic car cheap to run. Simple mechanics. it has a toyota badge so people love it. 

Cons : Feels a bit underpowered. Extremely basic = Less car for money than the Fit (cruise control? never heard of it) . Feels sluggish and uncomfortable on long drives. 

- both cars are relatively popular cars. So be vary that these cars always change hands and prime target for buying and selling folks who probably roll back the mileage, dress up any accidents and sell of so be extra careful when buying common/popular cars. 

-Both cars are 10 years old... so expect a few repairs here and there. 

I'd recommend the Fit over the vitz any day. Even with the oil burn issues. It's a lot more car than the Vitz. 


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2 hours ago, matroska said:

Cons : Feels a bit underpowered

That is an understatement ! The 1.0L is an absolute dead lazy dog. Sucks trying to do anything other than drive on flat ground in traffic. 

The Fit is a much much nicer car to drive...so yes...given the choice between the Fit and the Vitz...the Fit wins as a much better car. If you want something cheap that even a blind monkey with a hammer and 1m of rope can fix and don't care about creature comforts or driving pleasure..go for the Vitz. The only Vitz that is decent is either the 1.3L or 1.5L variant.

3 hours ago, Faslu Rajan said:

can both cars A/C works without starting the engine?

There isn't a car in the world that can run the AC without the engine running (or the Hybrid power system). In fact the AC will not even cool properly unless the car is moving (you may realise that the AC starts cooling more when the car is moving and starts to feel weak after sitting in one place for sometime. If you are asking if these cars can run the AC with a start-stop function...yes. A Hybrid will keep the AC running using the Hybrid battery/power unit until a certain point and thenthe engine will turn on. If the Vitz has a Smart Start-Stop system..then the AC will run whilst the engine is shut down but the engine will start up as soon as the battery level is low (in warm countries like SL don't expet this too be too long).

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