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It Exibition In Sl


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It's the fact that Men love cars and women...I'm sure they love the women more than the cars

What can i say :violent-smiley-030: im 100% agree with u

hehe.. the same is happening in the IT field man.. all these comp exhibitions portray skimpy women carrying laptops n kinda showcasing em.. who da hell looks @ da laptop anyways.. lmao...


true bro one of my friends company ( very common one is Sl ) agree to sponsor IT exibition under one condition, he told them he want to host a model show, so the organisers said ok.

So my friend invited me to the opening ceromony of the show, man i was truly amazed all the Sri Lankan No1 Models were there carrying laptops, anyway still i think that was the best IT exibition ever, man i took abt 35 pics bt i didnt mange to take any laptop pics :lol:

I cant publish those pics here cus for sure mods will remove them :lol:

Ahh i found one decent pic


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I wouldn't send those Gihan, them jokers are underage :) At least, I think they are.

Feel free to send them my way tho :(

sorry preveen just saw ur post anyway dont get angry with me abt the photo quality and the angals cus i dnt know any damn thing abt photography

thnx bro.. got it :P

any coments ?

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lol.. i d say ya ve got the camera focused on the very "thing" hehe... just wish the quality was a lil more better and the angle a bit more depressed :( but nevertheless commendable photos buddy! thanks! heehe..


ya bro my dirty eyes focused wrong way :) still im using that stupd cam bt i have to use it for another 1 year or so cos i need some money to buy a car

ha ha, interesting about the laptops I mean,

I wouldn't mind taking a look at them myself,

[email protected]

thanks a lot Gihan :P

(not the busiest day at work ..)


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Guest CrazyLanka

This is not fair. Please post them or send them to me and I will post them

Can we have a private forum in AL ? to discuss issues only with AL members :)

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