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Nissan Pulsar N15

Menula Weerasinghe

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13 hours ago, Menula Weerasinghe said:

Hi Everyone I Have A Bonestock Ga15DE. What Mods Would Make it Gain Hp Because i hesitated to install a cone air filter as it sometimes can decrease hp in low hp cars. Any Ideas??

Well...your issue with cone filters would not a drop in power but mostly serviceability and poor filtration. But rarely does a cold air intake system (with a cone filter) does performance decrease. When it does it is mainly due to other areas not being addressed (ranging from proper piping to ECU tuning).

To be blatantly honest...if you want a good power boost on that engine you are going to have to go all out and upgrade everything from the fuel to intake/exhaust system, cam shafts and even port polishing. All of that is going to cost quite a lot that it is not going to be worth it on a GA15.

What you can do and probably will be better would be to do minor tweaks to improve the response of the engine and the car's handling.

So...look in to a proper exhaust system (I am talking more than just a beat silencer. Manifold, downpipes and proper exhaust...a properly engineered solution). Look in to a proper cold air intake system (not just sticking a cone filter at the end but proper pipes, plenum, etc...). If all that is too much...see if you can at least get a high air flow filter that fits in to your stock air filter housing. Then get the ECU remapped (PROPERLY!) so that the engine can take proper/efficient use of the better air intake and exhaust. You will also have to adjust the fuel mixture a bit too. Upgrading the plugs and cables can also help with the above. Some extra mile steps to take would be to upgrade the ignitor and perhaps the fuel pump. Now this will increase the HP (somewhat) but the bigger difference would be the change in engine response.

That together with some suspension tweaks like adding stabilizer bars should make the car a bit more interesting to drive.

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