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Allion 240 2003


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Recently bought a Allion 240. Highly appreciate if anyone can help with below concerns.

1.  Any recommended place to buy dashboard panels in Colombo? (Teak, Grey)

2. What is the normal fuel consumption in Colombo traffic (1500cc) ?

3. Two ignition coils are slightly cracked. Will it affect the fuel consumption and performance. Do I need to replace them urgently?

4. Do I need to fix expensive Denso plugs (9000-12000 lkr) to get the full performance?

5. Any recommended place to repair meter panel issues in Colombo?

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1. No idea

2. Fuel consumption depends on the condition of the car and can vary significantly. So no idea what your car would get.... but with a soft foot it can be guess-timated that an average condition car would get 10-11kmpl (tank average). Since it is a 1500cc 240 it should have a standard 4 speed automatic so that also contributes to lesser fuel economy than a CVT (personally i find the AT a lot better than the CVT and less trouble prone too).

3. Best you do replace it. Even though the crack might be superficial we really wouldn't know if the internals are damaged/corroded and affects current flow. So although you might not feel a miss or the engine might not have a noticeable stutter, the plugs might not be getting a smooth current or a current less than optimal.

4. It is recommended that you fix plugs from a reputed brand. Sadly, that leaves you only with options such as Denso, NGK and Bosch. 

You might save some money depending on whether you go for iridium, platinum or copper plugs. However, each plug type has different lifecycles. So, either way, you will be spending more or less the same in the long run (e.g. one type might have 10yr/100,000km life whilst another, copper mainly, will last for 2yr/20,000km). Your car probably would have come with platinum plugs, and that is probably what is recommended as well (although you can put iridium or copper as well).

5. No idea

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