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Suzuki Aerio/Liana Hatchback Swift



Hello everyone,

Anyone have an idea about Suzuki Aerio/Liana Hatchback Swift cars (2004/2006)?. I Could not find anything related to the fuel consumption, re-sale value, and cost and availalbility for repairs on the web. Highly appreciate if anyone knows/owns these cars and provide me some light as I am readying to buy my first car!

Specs- 1500 CC, Automatic, 150000km mileage, Petrol. Price goes around 3.2-3.4 mil these days.




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The Liana was a good car, it was marketed in Sri Lanka against the Corolla 121, didnt have much success of a Toyota but they were honest cars. The Brand New imports with the 1600cc came with Radio / Casette and CD Player and multifunction steering. On the 1300cc brand new ones the stereos were locally fitted.

Its a comfortable vehicle with a very high seating position and very generous leg room.

You are looking at the Facelift model which came with the analog speedometer cluster rather than the awful digital meters equipped version. From the outside the main difference were the bumpers which were much squarer on the facelift whereas the earlier car had round bumpers and also the front headlamps changed a bit.

Fuel consumption I would say it should do around 8-9 city (1.6l) and around 12-13 outstation. The 1300cc ones will fare better on city, wont be that much underpowered since it was fairly good engine on the 1300cc (same as swift).

When it comes to parts they wont be easy to find like you get on a Corolla or Sunny of the same era as they were never that popular. 

Stassens, Baurs and SL Navy (I think) ran a fleet of cars those days (this is before A*W took over the full agency)

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On 4/27/2024 at 6:43 PM, lahiruVB said:

Anyone have an idea about Suzuki Aerio/Liana Hatchback Swift cars (2004/2006)?. I Could not find anything related to the fuel consumption

You are looking at a 20 year old car ! After 20 years....fuel figures are going to vary quite a lot between two cars of the same brand, model and even similar mileages. This is because it has a lot to do with how the car components have worn out (naturally) and the maintenance history of the vehicle. One could always expect to get an average 1500cc car, expect to get anything from 8 to 11kmpl this old, depending on the condition of the vehicle. Other factors, such as vehicle weight (stock weight, weight after adding accessories, changing wheels, etc..), will pull this in either direction.

On 4/27/2024 at 6:43 PM, lahiruVB said:

re-sale value, and cost and availalbility for repairs

Well, you don't get much around, and that is to your benefit and disadvantage. You are likely to get one at a more reasonable price compared to a hacked-out Corolla. When reselling, you will have to be patient. However, any car that is in good condition (i.e., properly taken care of, clean, and without quick paint jobs and dodgy repairs for the sake of selling) will sell quite soon.

As for parts...your biggest issue is going to be body parts as they are not very common. Even in Japan, it was available only for a short period of time. As for mechanical parts, it shared engine, transmission and suspension components from other Suzukis of the period like the Ignis/Swift...so you will be able to find mechanical parts relatively easily (granted you may have to do some leg work more than for counterfeit Toyota/Nissan parts available at Johnny aiya's waadiye parts kade down the road).

Is there any particular reason you are looking at a Liana/Aerio ? Something like a Swift/Ignis ? or something a bit more mainstream like a Viva (Elite ? also much newer) or a Axela/3 or Lancer (albeit, these might have to be slightly older) might be easier for you to maintain. Even a FB15 Sunny might fit your budget if you can find a good one. Also, the simplicity of a car like the Viva might give you a good starting point to learn about cars (if you are so inclined). Stay away from Toyotas...a complete waste of time trying to find a good car. Only buy it if one falls on your lap.

Remember...if your total budget is 3.5mil...you should keep about 500,000LKR for preemptive post-purchase maintenance work and unexpected repairs over the first few months (this will happen no matter what, even if you get it inspected by car checks or the agent...somethings cannot be diagnosed and only be assessed/determined using varying factors. By the way...you should get a proper inspection done. There is a thread on buying a used car...please go through it.



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