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Clarification on Mazda BJ5P Trims



Hi Guys,

I am currently researching Mazda Familia BJ5P Facelift models as I am considering purchasing one. I have encountered various interior color options, such as brown with beige, Black with Grey, and just black. In particular, I noticed a model listed in the classifieds with a black interior and a gear lever that appeared to indicate a CVT transmission (both photos attached).

Additionally, I've seen models with different rear door handle finishes, some matching the body color and others in chrome.

Could anyone provide detailed information about the model featuring the CVT transmission? Any insights on the differences in rear door handle finishes would also be appreciated.

Thank you!

Mazda BJ5P B2.jpg

Mazda BJ5P 2.jpg

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You can't figure out what the trims are based on things like door handle color, etc... for starters, there were special packages the dealers in Japan usually offer that add chrome bits, visors, interior bits, etc..So there is no definitive way to say what the exact door handle type, interior color combo (these too are usually selectable/customizable when buying new), etc...were. On top of that, you are looking at a 20+ year old car, and over its life, owners would have added things, replaced parts, etc...

The BJ series did not come with CVT. Just manual transmission or Automatic transmission. The bottom picture you show is a 4AT with tiptronic called Mazda ActiveMatic. The top picture is of a standard 4AT.

As far as I can remember ActiveMatic (the picture below) came only with the 2.0L petrol engine for the sedan. All other engines came with the standard 4AT for the sedan. I beleive they mixed it up a little bit for the S-Wagon range where the RS might have had ActiveMatic with a 1.5L engine. I am NOT SURE !

Basic trims were as follows:

BJ5P (i.e. with 1500cc engine and 4AT or 5MT)

  • <facelift>
    • LS
    • RX <later dropped towards end of model>
  • <prefacelift>
    • LS
    • RX
    • GS

BJ3P (i.e. 1300cc engine and 4AT or 5MT)

  • <facelift/prefacelift>
    • ES
    • JS

BJEP (i.e. 2000cc diesel with 4AT or 5MT)

  • Prefacelift only. Because of Japanese emissions regulations for passenger cars diesel sedans were stopped.
    • LS

BJHP (i.e. 2000cc petrol with 4AT)

  • Facelift only
    • Sports20
    • Later added MazdaSpeed version with 2.0L engine and 5MT



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What you have referred to as a CVT is in fact a Tiptronic transmission and they usually came in the ZL-VE 1.5L 130hp engines. The main difference is that this is a variable valve timing engine and I think they also had 4 disk breaks. I believe that they mostly came in hatchback variants. BJ5Ps have been known to have gearbox issues due to ford gearboxes, so make sure to check it specifically.

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