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Which is best to Buy ? Toyota Vios 2004 or Toyota IST 2003?

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I am not sure what's better, but around '09, it was hard for us to find a decent-condition '04 Toyota Vios. All of them were extremely beat up over a very short period (Only 5 years..).

Make sure you get the car checked by a reputed company before purchase or you'll end up spending a million rupees on repairs like me.

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8 hours ago, Mat said:

Hi - I need some feedback on which I can buy as the first car. Is Toyota Vios 2004 or Toyota IST 2003 the best? 

Suggest your thoughts. Thanks


Well...they are both mid-entry level vehicle for different markets. The IST being a model for Japan has a slightly better feel of refinement and if you get a decent spec'd one you will get some decent accessories and features not found in the Vios. THis applies for safety equipment as well.

Apart from that, it is a matter of finding a good-condition vehicle. All the Vios are either brand-new imports through the agent or reconditioned imports from Singapore and Thailand. Considering the people who bought them, they have not been taken care of that well. So, most of them look really worn out and perform the same way. They were bought by budget-conscious people who wanted to run a car for cheap at a lower price point than the Corolla. Having said that...the Vios is a very simple car compared to the IST. Also, as it is made for developing markets like SL, the materials used and the specs of componets are rougher and harder than the IST just so that the car can handle rough use.

Of the two cars...the better one to buy would be whichever is in better condition. Do not buy either one just because it is cheaper. When you are extremely interested in buying a car you see, take it to a place like Car Checks or the agents to get it properly inspected BEFORE YOU PAY MONEY AND BUY IT !

Now...Toyotas in Sri Lanka are over priced. Especially econoboxes like Vios, Vitz, IST, Corollas. The prices you pay for a 20+ year old car is simply not worth it. You should also consider options like Mazda 2/Demio, Honda City/Fit Aria, etc...

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