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Please help me determine a reasonable selling price for my 2018 Axio Non-Hybrid.

Rahal Ranathungamage


I have a 2018 Toyota Axio non-hybrid model, which was imported from Japan under a 3.6 million vehicle permit. I am looking to sell it so that I can purchase either a BMW 318i or an Audi with my next 12 million permit. I noticed on ######. lk that 2017 non-hybrid models are listed as high as Rs. 13,000,000, but I am willing to sell mine for 11,000,000. Do you think this is a reasonable price, or should I reconsider? I need to sell it to have the funds ready to open a letter of credit.


Currently mileage is about 180,000 km no damages.

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Why won't you go get a valuation done and see what they say what the market value is. When you are comparing it to what is online you need to be mindful of whether it is the 1.3 or 1.5 liter variant and what the trim level is as well. Mileage unfortunately pays a part in it but the reality is they all have fake mileages. 

The reality is that although you see a lot of these cars advertised for high prices, for the actual owners they eventually get moved off for lower prices. Mainly because it is going to be a broker who is going to come and haggle and buy these cars for dirt cheap and then try to sell it off for a huge margin.

So..if you want the most money for your car don't pass it over to a broker. Even if you do sell it for a lower price sell it to another proper "end-user" (that way some shady guy doesn't get rich).

Although you have the permit are you aware of when you can actually get a car down ? Because that time period plays a part in how fast you want the car moved. Also, if the car is well maintained and reasonably priced (not mystical prices because Toyotas are lined in gold sort of prices) then the car will get sold.

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