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discuss anything relating to 4x4 events

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From time to time topics in the forum leads to arguments with the parties involved putting forward accusations follwed by counter accusations and the like. In this regard we would like to state that the creators and managers of this site is not responsbile in any way for the topics/discussions in our forum. The thoughts expressed are not that of this site nor its management and it is purly that of the participants. We would also like to mention that our forum is freely available to all members of the site and the liberty of the members to express their thoughts and opinions will always be upheld and respected by the site management. The only time a topic will be deleted from the site is if the discussions become abusive, foul languaged or citically damaging towards certain parties. Furthermore, we would like to encourage all parties to such discussions to accept discussions with maturity and use the free forum facility to solve disputes and work together inorder to further all aspects of motoring. Thus developing what we love the most.

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