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  1. It's either the rich boys terrorizing the innocent road driver or policitions showing off their power with a range rover. 

    So called parts big shot importers trying to establish cults and RIP off innocent petrolheads.

    Average users destroying hybrids and wagon rs then shedding them for more money.

    Good drivers cars being paraded at insane prices 

    Old sodden suvs going almost higher than newer counterparts

    At the rate people are doing this buying and selling scam, soon their wont be customers, just buy and sell con men!

    But why bother? Even the big companies are doing the same under a brand name.

    Sad to see what motoring in this country has come to.

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    2. tiv


      @iRage thank you, I have a bigger one at home and they aren't this cute when they grow up. Mine put a hole in my nose once, I had 3 nostrils for a month!


      With time and covid my travelling habits have been badly cut down. I was out and about in the Colombo side and the roads on the demise of my grandfather.

      Suddenly it hit me as to how treacherous the roads have become.

      And I've been doing some work on the copen. Sourcing parts from the so called performance part import moguls is really cumbersome. Except for a few encouraging souls, most are just here for the quick money. No love for motoring. It's not the pricing, it's the attitude.

      In that aspect the 4x4 guys are gods here. Been working with them over 2 decades 

      So now onwards its straight from japan, with much love from ebay yahoo auctions. I might have to pay the amount of another copen but atleast I get the real deal, bolt on genuine parts will less commotion, low profile and drama. Just want a small build not the Facebook youtube hoo haa

      The Customs have already wiped my life savings clean.

    3. Ruslan


      Yes, Same here, Sourcing parts from Japan, mostly from Yahoo auction, Partsouq or Amayama. pretty reliable i must say. and worth the wait rather than get your blood boil after talking to parts dealers. Since started working from home from Last Year and due to the prevailing situ, never had the opportunity to step outside with the family.

    4. iRage


      @tiv...oh...got one at my parent's place (actually she is my son's but had to have my parents adopt her because of our movements). so know all about it. I have sofas, carpets and boots all destroyed...worst yet....she crept under the Trueno and chewed up the steering rack....the metal has tooth marks on it to remind me of it for etertinity. How she got under that narrow place only lord knows...

      But they are so cute when they are small :) 

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