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  1. Like when buying any other vehicle do a proper inspection preferably at the agent.Along with the regular things pay special attention to the HV battery and HSD system.
  2. Wow I'm looking forward to getting that.
  3. RA2 was one of the best! Also forgot to mention the older RE series that doesn't need any fancy GPU.
  4. HL series and older Fallout series ftw
  5. The price tag is too good to be true. Its either a high millage one or failing HV battery. Get it inspected thoroughly.
  6. @Toyotaonly Do you mean there is nothing on the LCD display screen? Have you tried pressing the arrow keys and other buttons on the steering wheel? Also when you heard the beep are you sure the car was completely switched off and that it was in P and not N?
  7. Nice one bro. I did not know it had an on board motion sensor. What about the heated mirrors? Should be helpful these days.
  8. I'm more of a parippu guy, can't live without it.
  9. Nice review machan!
  10. Nice machan. Is there a button to turn off the heated mirrors?
  11. Nice car and nice write up. Post some pics after the ceramic coating.
  12. So the new one you got has an expiry date? My magnetic strip one is also fading away, maybe it'll become unreadable during next year.
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