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Honda Insight No Spare Tyre - Only Flat Tire Repair Kit


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Does anybody know how to use flat tire repair kit of Honda Insight? Honda Insight doesn't carry a spare tyre



Hope this helps....

"The Honda Temporary Repair Kit consists of a container of sealer, a 12-volt compressor with pressure gauge, an extraction hose, extraction bottle and a guide book.

To use the kit, the container of sealant is connected to the tire with the included hose and the compressor is connected to the can of sealant. When the compressor is pumping, it forces the sealant into the tire and then pumps the tire up. The sealant flows to the source of the leak and seals the air leak."

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wow...thats a cool thing:-)

Indeed a cool thing. And just FYI, scooty pep tires got this chemical solution inside. So if a tire gets a puncture the chemical comes out and gets sealed under normal air pressure. Cooler than this isnt it ? ;)

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hi, Do you have any youtube video of this? I checked and nobody has posted anything on this. Greatly appreciate for all your replies.

All the major manufacturers use these kits now in some of their vehicles. A tire kit cost less for the manufacturer than a spare tire and saves weight which enables better fuel economy. I couldn't find a video of Honda's tire kit in action, but here is Hyundai's which works the same way....

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Yup, that's pretty much how the Honda "TRK" stuff works. Honda says that a tyre-fitter can suck/clean the sealer-gunk out if a "proper" repair has to be made but I hear that repair shops are saying patches can't be applied if the gunk has been used. TRK also pretty useless if a side-wall gets chopped up. That's not to criticise the TRK approach but it can mean that you are stuck on the road with a flat tyre and no bl**dy spare-wheel! So what do you do????

There's reportedly a move afoot by car manufacturers to not only eliminate the spare wheel but also the jack/wheel-brace from new vehicles - all allegedly to save-weight.

In some markets owners are insisting on a space-saver spare (with all it's own problems eg speed restrictions) or a full-sized (if possible) spare be fitted.

Dharshana, did your Insight come with a jack and wheelbrace?

PS Pointless bit of info, but the spare-wheel on the Insight Mk I shouldn't be removed to save weight as the spare was designed to be part of the rear crumple protection zone!

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BMW had been using RFT's since 2005. RFT's are not very practical in this county as it gives are slightly harsher ride and tough as hell to find replacements. I changed all my RFT's to normal tyres and carry a spare tyre just in case. It might make it heavier, but still worth it.

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great idea honda... u dnt hav to change tires and trying to loose nuts standing on them n the road,looking like an retard

yeah its a good idea but I prefer the good old spare wheel approach. If you know how to change a tire properly you wont look like a retard.

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Those run-flat tyres can be a real bugger in terms of replacement $$$$$$ cost and in terms of "I'm sorry,sir, we don't carry that one in stock and sure w'll get your one in, ...no problem atall,... our pleasure to help you....day after tommorow be OK?"

Dharshana, are you after a MK2 Insight manual??? Here's the one for the latest model:


The mulit-function display on this Mk2 car is so complicated it makes my brain hurt!

Owners' manuals for earlier Insights are at:


but can be a bit tricky to download them.

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