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Ants underneath of carpets, How to get rid ants on cars?


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Continuously my car is attacked by ants. Last time we have to remove all carpets and blow air to remove them. Don't have any food or leftovers inside the car.

These ants live and lay eggs underneath carpets even if the car parked under full sun in outdoor.

This vehicle does not drive every day (weekend drive car). How do I get rid of ants in my vehicle? 

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How old is the car? Older cars over age, specially if they are at the same place develop an eco system of insects etc. Since you mentioned there is no food, we can rule that out - but if you regularly carry anything related to food, ant's are attracted. I know this van that is used only monthly to haul coconuts and rice (grain - not cooked) from a small estate developed a massive ant problem. 

On the other hand your garage could be a hotspot for ants. Have you tried locating how they enter the car? 

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It could be that the carpets, etc...build up moisture and creates a nice cold, dark eco system for the ants to build their "home". Food in the car does attract ants, but even if there is no food, the ants wil still use your car to build their home if the conditions are right (ants go looking for food and take it to their nest anyway...).

Clean the car as frequently as possible including starting it and moving it around (a car should not be just left parked for ages anyway). Preferably every other week or so. Use cleaning products ,not water (the products have chemicals in it which insects do not like). Leave it to dry after cleaning (windows open, etc...).

Apart from that, it is the location where the car is parked. If it is parked in a closed garage, then there might be ants in the garage. Use something like ant sand to keep the ants away from the garage. If it is parked outside...I hope it is not parked on grass. If so...don't park it on grass.

As @matroska mentioned, older cars are more susceptible for ants building their nest because on the carpets, plastics, etc. are worn out and more brittle that they capture moisture easily. On top of that the chemicals of the materials have completely worn out by now that it does not have that natural unattractiveness for inspects (plastics, material, etc..when new have a certain smell, etc..that insects are not very keen on).

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To keep the ants from coming back, you could try using some natural stuff like peppermint or vinegar. They hate the strong smell, so spraying some around the car might help. Also, make sure to keep your car clean and free of any food or leftovers. You should check this out https://toxicrespond.co.uk/house-mice. I used this thing to get rid of the mice in my garage, btw.

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Dealing with ants in your car can be super frustrating. I once had a similar situation where ants decided to make a cozy home in my car's carpet. I tried various DIY methods like vacuuming and ant traps, but they kept coming back.What finally did the trick for me was reaching out to a professional pest control service. They knew exactly how to tackle the problem and get rid of those pesky ants for good. If you're struggling to get rid of them, I'd recommend getting some expert help from here. They'll have your car ant-free in no time!

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