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  1. Yes, it;s very very expensive. Some bills are even more expensive than the job doing at company. e.g. to change timing belt they charged me Rs. 8500.
  2. Go for Lancer. I have used Suzuki sx4 and below are by observations: Suzuki sx4 Cons: 1. shocks and ridding is not smooth as other Japaneese cars 2. difficult to sell when compared to other Japanese cars. Pros: Very good leg space.
  3. (You are eligible for a discount if the total payment is less than Rs.6000.00)
  4. Thought of sharing latest experience with SLT. My phone line stopped working suddenly on Last Monday night, and now it's Saturday (5 days passed) and it's still not fixed. Luckily I had a mobile broadband from Dialog and it saved me. SLT guys are still figuring out what is the issue and really bunch jokers.
  5. I would advise you to go for 2011 Honday Fit Hybrid, it's around 3.1m - 3.3m for an unregistered one. You can use the vehicle for many years without any trouble. Less maintenance cost as oppose to Diesel vehicles.
  6. If you take traffic laws in sri Lanka. You can't do following as well. 1. Putting rear seats for dual purpose vans. 2. having more than two people in a motor bike 3. listing to radio while driving. 4. Putting closed lorry bodies to D*MO batta 5. installing many fancy items to buses and three wheels.
  7. Haven't observe any performance drop with fully synthetic even after 8000Kms and it was after running more than 8 months. If your car is not running more than 5000Kms in 6 months, better use normal oils. Else it;s a waste of money. Why I use 5000KM change interval is it get your car been serviced at regular intervals than servicing it at 10,000Kms.
  8. Yes, you have to change it at 5000Km, else you will fill real decrease in engine performance. Haven't observed it even with 8000KMs of mobil fully synthetic oils.
  9. Since these engines are normally used in commercial vehicles, they have average more than 100,000Kms. I am not sure how we can test the genuine mileage of an engine. Most mechanic is do is to test the sound, any oil leaks, exhaust gas. If you directly import from Japaneese auction, there is a high chance that it has stated genuine mileage.
  10. 100,000 on the clock for imported engine is normal. It can be used another 200,000Km without any problem. 100,000Kms in Japan is like 30,000Km in Sri Lanka. It's nothing for a 2C diesel engine. If it's genuine mileage you don't feel much difference in engine with 20,000Kms and engine with 100,000Kms. That's the quality of a Japaneese engine.
  11. Your comments about customer service ladies are 100% right. Most of them even don't know how to configure a basic Dlink router. Recently I moved my house and luckily I had old setting saved in the router and by looking at it, I configured the new wireless router. After 2 days received a call from technician and I said I have already configured it myself. When I got my new connection, I had so many issues. Most of customer services advice is to switch off, wait 10 minutes and start it again. Then I was pissed off after calling so many times and said "I have done it for entire day now, please give some solution for this". After 2 days technician came and figure out that it was a problem in the line and he corrected it by calling to regional office. (they have put low bandwidth setting which are not enough for ADSL)
  12. Some of R grade vehicles has better condition than 4.5 vehicle. R mean replaced, most of the R comes in side fenders, bonnet, side doors. Conditions depend on the level of accident they had. Most of them are totally replaced and same as newly built one. e.g side fenders, they will replace any inside damaged parts also
  13. Bro, I think you got the numbers wrong. there are more portability of person being less than 5' 2". e.g. See China, there average height is 5' 2" for women http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Average_height_around_the_world
  14. Most sellers don't show the original JAAI certificate, they have put a photocopy inside the vehicle to you to see. Even you get the JAAI certificate, there are no mentioning of original body conditions, you can get this only through the Auction sheet. Get the actual auction sheet URL from the seller and if the auction date is within 2-3 years, the links will be still there and you can see the original body condition, what parts was replaced etc etc. High Mileage vehicle from Japan would look same as low mileage vehicle, even an experienced mechanic would not feel the difference driving 100,000Km driven car in Japan and 10,000Km car. The situation is different if the car is used in Sri Lanka. you can see worn out suspensions while driving. Most commercial vehicles (buddy vans, vans, pickups, buses, lorries) are normally come with high mileages. Some are even nearing 700,000Kms. I have seen one Toyota Hiace commuter in auction recently with 697,000Kms. They are going very cheap and our buggers get them and tamper the ODO meter. I had very bad experience with sellers and also the registered vehicles bought. 1. Once we bought a FB15 car from reputed car seller in Peliyagoda, ODO meter was having only 29,000, We didn't drove 10,000Km at most, we had to replace CV joints, Rear wheel racer hubs which are signs of mileage close to 100,000Kms. 2. I was a third owner of a CR42 vehicle, we bought it because we had it's previous model at our house, that was early days of choosing vehicles, went with experienced person about vehicles,he said conditions are good, so we bought it and within few days we felt very low pulling power and no body able to corrected it, Accelerating black smoke, a mechanic later said it would have done more than 200,000Kms, but that time we had only 70,000Kms in the clock. The emission test kept failing even after injector pump services which cost more than Rs. 10,000. Now I am an owner of car bought directly through auction by myself, used more than 25,000Kms in sri Lanka, ODO meter now 55,000KMs, didn't had a slightest issue with the car, didn't even changed break pads yet, Only regular servicing.
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