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Going To Trinco And Arugumbay


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Hey guys

myself and a few foreign friends are planning on back packing to the east coasts hippy style for the long holidays ahead. We have trinco, Passikudah and Arugumbay on mind.

We are planning on taking the Bus there. does any one know how we can get around?

is there a direct bus from Colombo to Trinco? are they AC? or Normal? is it available from Fort bus station?

is it possible to get from trinco to Arugumbay in a day?

please advise

Thanks alot

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There is also a fair amount to look around on that coast (north of A'Bay), and a bus isn't going to let you see much of what you should be seeing. However, since you seem keen on it, yes it's possible to get to Trinco by bus from Colombo (it's a long trip, though). You can take the bus from Pettah stand (not Fort), or go to the intercity depot closeby and try your luck there if you want the AC bus. Bus goes via Kurunegala-Dambulla-Trinco. If you like to take the train to K'gala and then take the k'gala trinco bus that is also possible and can break the journey there. Colombo-Trinco will take you around 8 hours by bus on a weekday.

To answer your second question, it is possible to get anywhere in Sri Lanka in one day provided you are not walking or cycling :P I am not sure of public transport between trinco-a'bay as I've only driven that way. Most probably can be done. But you've chosen one hot month to go backpacking anywhere in the lowlands of Sri Lanka!

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I left Sri Lanka when i was a kid and visited Sri Lanka last June after 10 years. I took a bus from petta to Trinco. after that i took a three wheeler to Nilavali Beach. Met some Germans had the best time of my life with them. check out pegion Island, its the best place on earth!

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You can take a Train to Tinco...........please use the links, the pasting of tables did not work well



Semi Express-Night Trains 83 and 84 Colombo - Trincomalee First Class ( Berths ), Second and Third Class Sleeperates


Train Schedules from 00:00:01 to 23:59:59 , on 2012-04-10 COLOMBO FORT Arrival Time COLOMBO FORT Departure Time Train Starting from Train Runs to TRINCOMALLE Reaching Time Available days of the week Type of the Train Train No 21:00:00 21:00:00 COLOMBO FORT TRINCOMALLE 05:10:00 DAILY LONG DISTANCE 7083

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Train to Trinco is an excellent notion. There is a tangalle-Trinco bus which is the longest route in the island. You can hop on it anywhere on galle road.

There's also a Trinco-batti bus that goes through china bay along the coast. There's also one which passes thru habarana. Make sure you get on the right one at Trinco bus stand.

You'll have to break journey in batti and take another bus to kalmunai/akkaraipattu and from there take another to pottuvil (a-bay) in not sure if there is a direct batti-pottuvil bus tho. Wasn't there when I worked in those areas

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Did the same trip. But went by train. First you can go to Batti. From there you can plan where you want to go. Hire a Van or take the Bus. For accommodation Batti station has rooms & cheap.1 family room is 1000 each extra cost about 250 more. For the night train you get Berths & AC Sleeperates (1st class),,Sleeperates (2nd class) & 3rd class(if they have it)

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