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Toyota Prius Is The Most Dependable Compact Car


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Two observations:

In Sri Lanka, 'compact car' means an 800CC vehicle with 12 inch wheels and less than 2 metres in length

In Sri Lanka, 'dependability' means the car will run with the mysterious liquid, which contains urine, cowdung and saltwater for a period of 30 years through all the mud, dirt, dust, grime in humid and scorching weather without any serious issues

which part of the above does your article address?

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Toyota Prius

Base price: $24,000

The Prius hybrid is a remarkable piece of technology. It's good for the planet, and it started a revolution in "green" driving. But man, it sure can turn ordinary people into insufferable bores. When people get a Prius, they seem to join a cult of automotive efficiency — and you're going to hear about it whether you like it or not. Plus, the Prius looks like an egg and drives like a washing machine on wheels.

For our resident Prius Cali.... ;)

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Read in Yahoo news about a DIY regenerative braking system installation.

Saw in some youtube video that Williams F1 sold some KERS technology that doesn't need a battery to Porsche, should be interesting.

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Still they get rid of it before three years and send them to Sri lanka. WHY????????


In japan they run for three years or less and change the car because 1st thing the cars are cheap according to their income, Next the Japanese car owners do not want spend their time in repair shops. before they come to end of the warranty of motor vehicles they give it to a dealer and go for a new one.

This was one reason Japanese government relaxed export restrictions in 1980s to export cars as it is, without reconditioning dealers had very large stocks of as it is vehicles.Recondition automobile costs too was increasing in Japan

SL first imported reconditioned vehicles originally.

Sylvi Wijesinghe.

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