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Ford Cars


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Dear All

I'm planning to buy ford car currently i got honda civic EK3. this dose normally 10Km/L and still enjoying the honda. however this is 98 and looking a car with ABS and air bag. Honda cars with those functions are expensive and cannot afford now.

KIA, Hyndai , Ford 's are still ok.

any idea ? please let me have your expert Knowledge



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Which model of Ford are you talking about? What's your budget? Manufacture year?

Most common model is Ford Laser, which is essentially same as Mazda 323/Familia. If you are looking for ABS and Airbag, you may have to find a BJ5P model.

Many of them came without ABS and Airbags. These should cost you about 1.8 Million

Most spares are compatible with Mazda Familia.

There are also Ford Mondeos, which were made in Europe. Very comfortable cars because they were built on the same platform as X-type Jaguar (This was the time when Ford owned Jaguar).

All of them came with ABS and at least 4 airbags. Some came with leather seats, sunroof, teak panels and fancy options. Spare parts are rare in Sri Lanka. If you are buying a Mondeo, you will need to get down parts thru eBay.co.uk. In UK, Mondeos are as common as houseflies so you can get a lot of cheap spares off ebay.

Should cost you about 1.7 Million

If you can stretch the budget close to 3.5 Million, there are few Ford Fiesta (2011 Brand New imported) cars in the market. They are still under company warranty.

On the higher range of the market, above 5 Million range, there is Ford Focus. These were imported brand new by the agent in 2011 and they were also made in Europe. I own one and I am very happy about it.

Overall, Fords are good cars to own, if you are not a person who is bothered about what the neighbor has to say about resale value!

Spares are not hard to come by, if you know where to look.

For the Focus, I have already got down a few bits like switches, door handles, timing/drive belt tensioners, extra remote key, ignition coils etc from ebay UK auctions. I don't need them now but it's good to keep them in stock. Because Focus parts are so common in the UK, I won most of them for £1 (one pound!) each. The only expensive thing was the brand new remote key which cost me £20! Including postage, nothing cost me over £25! Beat that, Mr. Toyota!

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AS Crosswind post says. Mazda and Ford have smiler designs.Most of engine spares can interchange to my knowledge.

Sylvi Wijesinghe.

Yes that's true. Engines of Ford Lasers are actually Mazda engines. Spares are 100% compatible with Mazda spares. Engines installed in the European made Ford Mondeo are also based on a Mazda engine. Some spares (not all) are interchangeable between Ford Mondeo, Mazda Tribute and Mazda 626.

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