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Ae100 - Models


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First of all I need to mention that I am not knowing a lot about cars but I did a search about AE100 because on several posts it was mentioned that It is good with better fuel consumption, comfortability and kind of easy maintenance car for a range of 1.2-1.5 million rupees. However I found the below models of AE100;

  1. AE100
  2. Sprinter
  3. Corolla
  4. Marino
  5. Ceres
  6. L Touring S Limited
  7. Corolla SE Limited
  8. L-Touring
  9. Corolla XE Limited

Can someone kindly explain me a bit about what these models are and a bit information about how better each of them compared to each other. What I really need to know is, If I buy a AE100, what kind of model I need to look for if I consider Fuel consumption, Maintainability, Comfortability ...etc for a long distance travel. Also I don't know about them as if they come with 1300CC or 1500CC engine. Again, I kindly expect someone know a lot on this will post a detailed reply and really appreciate that. Thanks.

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hi i hv a very limited knowledge on ae100 model but i will note down few things.. may be some information incorrect pls apologize :sad-smiley-034:

Toyota AE100 manufactured starting from 1991-1996 & station wagon model up to 2000 as i can remember

Corolla & Sprinter

Available on 1500cc five forward manual \ 04 fwd auto & 1300cc four forward manual EFI engines

XE & LX version have only ac\ps there are some with after market power shutters

se limted once are full option with touch ac rear head rest seats rpm meter & speed lock

some came with se limited 'limited' gold badge which looks so nice with all light brown glasses with all the options

corolla one have a good market than the sprinter model

maintenance will be very easy & parts are freely available.

average fuel consumption 12.-13

if you can find a well maintained se limited corolla one yes everything is there on that..

marino & ceres no idea....

station wagon model L touring no idea

experts :speechless-smiley-023: pls help.....

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Okay so first off; the Corolla and the Sprinter are the same car underneath…same engine+drive train, same frame/chassis,same interior. The Sprinter was a JDM only model which was supposed to be targeted towards a “younger” crowd <yeah go figure…>

You are referring to the 100 series Corolla/Sprinter which was produced roughly from late 91 ?? till late 95/96 ??. Around late 93 Toyota introduced the facelift version which mostly had different lights, bumpers etc… Some variants were produced beyond 1995. Ceres/Marino till 1998 and the van/wagons till 2000 ? when the van replaced by the Probox/Suceed and the wagon got replaced by the Corolla Fielder and the Sprinter line was completely stripped out.

For both badges it came in sedan, liftback (I don’t think this was there as a JDM),hatchback and van variants (basic station wagon intended for business use); and the Corolla came in a wagon form (more luxurious station wagon for private use). There is the coupe’ which is the Trueno or the Levin. In addition a sportier sedan version was introduced as the Corolla Ceres and the Sprinter Marino. Basically all the above are all coded as AE/EE100 something…as the list goes on I am referring only to the sedan and wagon variants…

Model Coding (this is no way an exhaustive list…)

AE100 : 1500cc (Corolla/Sprinter sedan, Ceres/Marino)

EE101 : 1300cc (Corolla/Sprinter Sedan)

AE101 : 1600cc (Corolla/Sprinter GT and had a silver top 4A-GE engine and came with an optional 6M/T...not sure if this ever made it to Sri Lanka, Ceres/Marino came in both the silver and black top versions of the 4A-GE not sure if the model codes were the same..)

AE100G : 1500cc wagon range

AE101G : 1600cc Wagon range (only BZ Touring came with a black top 4A-GE engine also came with an optional 6M/T)

AE104G : 1600cc 4wd wagon range (no this is not the 4A-GEengine..instead a 4A-FE ?)

CE101G : 2000cc wagon range

EE102V : 1300cc van range (4E-FE)

EE106V : 1300cc van range (2E)

EE104V : 1500cc van range (5E-FE)

EE108V : 1500cc van range (3E)

CE108/106 : 2000cc diesel van range (sorry not sure what the difference is)


Needless to say some grades came in only with certain engines (i.e. model codes) I am not going to get in to it here as it can get quite stressful for me J. There might be slight differences in special packages (thus accessories and combination of those) offered as Corolla and Sprinter as they were sold through different Toyota channels in Japan (Corolla = Corolla sales channel' Sprinter = Vista sales channel). But generaly they are more or less the same.

(Starting from the lowest grade..)

Sedan (Corolla/Sprinter)

- Custom DX/DX

- LX /LX Limited

<Since the options were brought up in regards to the LX/LXltd and XE...the above grades didn’t have P/Windows,the limited and special package versions came with them as a factory option but had a little plastic switch where the winder would have been; as opposed to the power window switches in the SE grade which was nicely flushed in to the door hand grip trim>

Some other tell tale signs for the most part Custom DX had fender mirrors as standard and door mirrors as an option, latter was standard in DX.

LX had black side mirrors , side/door protective strips and mud flaps, whilst the LX limited had it body colored. LX had steel wheels with a center cover cap as standard full hub cap was an option and standard in the LX limited.

LX came with A/C, P/S standard with P/M as an option, LX limited I believe had these three as standard as did the XE with the difference of XE and LX limited being the upholstery, seat type, speaker combo, etc....sorry I am going with this part by memory as I can't find a catalog that has the LX Limited ...so I might not be completely accurate on this....)

- XE

- SE-L/SE-G/SE Limited

- GT

In addition there were special limited editions and special packages that were periodically introduced throughout its sales period (eg. "Saloon" or "Business Package" for LX and DX grade lines). As mentioned before they had gold badges or some edition badges etc…


- X

- F

- G


- L Touring

- G touring

- BZ-Touring

Plus there were special packages like the DIGNIS, Aero Package, Sport Package


- DX / Custom DX (I think these are the only grades that came with a 1300cc engine i.e. as EE106V)

- L

- L Extra

- GL

- GL Extra

EDIT: The catalog categorizes (Custom DX)/DX/GL/(GL Extra) as "van"s and L/(L extra) as "business wagon"s <logic behind it is a bit cryptic..>


Sedan :




van and Wagon:


The above is mainly applicable to the JDM models...the B/New (export) models that were bought by the agents were I believe XL, XLi, GL and GLi, which were mostly sedans. The liftback was offered only as a not-for-japan model and not sure if any made it to SL. Not sure of the model codes for the export models nor the engines that were offered.

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You're a Toyota wiki! :appl:

I think the van and business wagon were in production till 2001/02.

I think this car would be the best option when considering fuel economy, comfort and low maintenance cost for the given budget. If there are any, please post. Thanks.

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AE-101 Ceres/Marino has 2 grades. GT and GT -Extra package

GT- 1600cc 4AGE Silvertop Engine 5M/T or 5A/T
GT-Extra - 1600cc 4AGE Blacktop Engine 6M/T

These came with all 4 disk brakes and factory fitted dual exhaust systems.

Yes They came to SL. because I have a Marino GT 5 M/T :sport-smiley-004: and I herd that there is a ceres GT also.

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Old is gold :) but any specific reason/s why you like it? Please share.

Well, I love old Toyotas because they're simple and robust and a pleasure to drive. I've not driven a lot of cars (and I've never driven a sports car either) but from my limited experience, vintage Corollas are my favourites.

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@Hawkx: Oooh..you have one of those unicorns ! Awesome ! Those were rare in its day and even rarer now. In Japan prices are pretty high..and most of what ever still remains here have been screwed up.

Why do I like old Toyotas…for the same reason you love old dogs that pretty much roam in to your house and just sits there with gleaming eyes willing to please you in anyway it can to feel belonged :)

Well apart from what Jaliya said…I guess it is also about personal preferences and experiences during my (one’s) formative years. They were not the most technically advanced machines out there but even the simplest cars were the basis for more performance oriented cars (and that applies to most Japanese oldies of the time). In some strange way they actually have a nice driving feel to them and also had a preference towards other characteristics like cabin noise, etc…and then the late 90s came and Toyota started making sewing machines with seats…Again these are personal preferences…much like some other people would feel about Nissans and Hondas.

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