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Bluebird Su14 Problem


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Hi all,

I just purchased a Nissan Bluebird SU14 Eprise. It's diesel vehicle which has done 144000 on the ODO. The issue i'm having is that while driving when I shift to the third gear and leave the clutch, the car bounces while moving forward. So I quickly press the clutch and the car runs smoothly for the momentum. The problem occurs when I go to the third or fourth gears only where when I slow down and change to the second, it runs perfectly. I did the clutch test where you put the gear in the third while on standby and you leave the clutch while accelerating and as it is supposed to, the vehicle stopped instead of trying to move.

Has anybody had this issue?? Do you guys know what causes this or what this issue is??

Thanks guys

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Well, Uditha... I've done the slow release as well and it still bounces.

Over the week I did other tests and I've found out that the car jumps ONLY when the gauges (speedometer, rpm, heat, fuel meters) totally stop working. When all the gauges are working, the car runs smoothly but the gauges randomly stop working and the car starts to jump when I give it a bit of gas. However, the jumping reduces when I put my foot down on the pedal.

Is there any relationship between the gauges and the jumpiness cause of the car (it seems like an electrical issue connected to a mechanical fault)?? Do you guys know what this issue is or know a solid place to get it checked out?

I've already checked two electrical places and a mechanic shed but they don't seem to know what the issue is!! Has anybody faced this kind of issue before??

Thanks guys...

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well i too feel while reading your reply that this can be a electric fault which will turns to a sudden jerk. am not expert in diesel area but i had faced to similar situation when i had a FB12. it was due to a faulty plug wire.

Just check whether their is a loose connection in your system.

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Thanks for the quick replies bros. As you said Maheshw, I'm going to give it a guy close to my house and I will deffa tell him to check the plug wire (I'm not sure what that is because I'm not much of a engine head... could you elaborate please?)... An electrician near my place told me to bring the vehicle by to check the entire wiring system, so I thought I'll drop it at his garage and give that a shot as well...

And Meshlk, if all the above fails I'll give it to the agents (i'm afraid of the charges though :/)... and if that fails I'll deffa PM you... thanks for the backup bro...

I'll keep this thread up to date every time I do something to the vehicle.

Thanks again guys... real helpfull (Y)

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I got the problem sorted out... It was all behind the gauges. There were issues with the connection between the sensors and gauges, I guess. I took it to Nishantha Auto Electricals near the Dehiwala zoo and he did some soldering and it started working like clock work. :D
So if anyone has the same issue, I suggest you take it to Nishantha and that guy will get it done. Solid electrician.

Thanks again guys.

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