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Using 92 Octane Instead Of 95 Octane


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IIRC 100 is not the ultimate octane (RON) though, it's just better than 98? But I don't think there are many road cars requiring anything above 100. Even 95-100 is required by a handful of models and probably doesn't justify maintaining a separate stock?

I take your point and if only a few cars needed it, it either needs to be sold at a significantly higher price in a few specific sheds or the owners have to adopt other approaches like mixing with toluene or octane booster.

But the unforgivable issue is the inconsistent quality of petrol and their octane rating. The problem is so bad that D*MO at one point instructed their customers to use standard 90 octane petrol rather than 95 as the quality was more consistent. This was of course before the well known fuel debacle of contaminated fuel killing fuel pumps.

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