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Bought a condemned car


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Hello Friends,

My Father has bought a Toyota car 5 years ago and we have found out that it was condemned car while he trying to sell it recently.
After the incident, he spoke to me and i went through the Registration certificate and found out the name of the insurance company is on the previous owner list.
That corked car salesman some how fooled my father and we are kind of helpless and clueless what to do.

Please advice.
Thank you,


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Now hang on a minute. You used the car for five whole years and you only found out it was an insurance write-off just recently? Have you never faced any problems with the car at all? If so, what's your issue? You suddenly realized that you can't get the best price that you anticipated for the car?


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Sorry to say this but isn't this a case of asking what to do with the milk after it is spilled on the floor ?

A close family friend of mine bought a car with two different chassis numbers and he just has to suck up the loss and face with the daily risk of either the car getting taken away or the looming death trap that might just cave down on him. I am afraid that your's might also be a similar case. 5 years after the purchase is a bit too late to even go lodge a legal complaint against the car dealership. So.just suck it up.

But I am curious, you didn't check the CR when buying the car  ? or for the last 5 years ???

Did you check with the old insurance company to see why the car was condemned ? (is it even possible to get these records in SL?)

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