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Chain Blocks


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Greetings AL members,

I am on the hunt to buy a “Chain block hoist” this hoist will sure be helpful to lift the engine I plan to rebuild. Is there anything I should consider any buying tip you could share? In the local market I came across Chinese chain blocks that are brand new;  and Japanese ones that are used in Kurunegala (too far far away.....) I hope to go for a two ton (2T) chain hoist??? Any one experienced in using Chain Blocks ???? Please be kind enough to share info. May I know where about in Colombo I could buy one???  Thank you..      

Chain Block.jpg

Chain Block 1.jpg

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Yes I know thing  or two about chain blocks as they are being used very frequently where I work.

Mind you, 2T safe working load capacity chain block could be quite big and heavy as it should be able to withstand max load of or minimum breaking load of 5 X, in this case 10 T. Do you really need 2T chain block for your work? What is the engine that you intend to rebuild? Also note all the fix and loose lifting gearing  associated with this chain block must have a SWL of 2T minimum.

If you google you'll find many suppliers in Colombo. Insist on a certificate for the chain block (or any lifting gear in that matter).

Good luck and keep us posted.


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Wonderful Maersk, that was very informative. Yes the 2ton chain bloc is very bulky and heavy. The one ton (1 Ton) chain bock may be manageable. I hope to work on a Toyota 3L, Perkins 3A.125, Nisan LD20ii, engines tat are heavy ones...:unsure: I got to know that a chain block can also be used to winch out vehicle in “stuck in the mud “situation… I wonder are the Made in China ones good?  Thank you Maersk for our kind reply :D

NOTE to other readers SWL means “Safe Working Load (SWL)”

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