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Japan Alto 2016 (ene drive modle)


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12 hours ago, outlander said:

Any guys got hands on 2016 Japan Alto,

They are everywhere in car sales but seen few in the roads.

Are they good as a economical daily runner, manufacture claims 34-37km/l

Any openion or critics

Only test driven an Alto RS..which was a hoot and a half to drive. The RS would be a fun little city car. No idea about the standard variants though. However I can state that the Alto does have a nice little "chuckable" chassis :D. The more subdued and softer suspension of the standard Alto might take a bit of that chuckable feeling away though. Note that these are kei cars which are city cars. So they are quite good in the city but will be under stress when it has to deal with high loads and extensive highway driving.Compared with the Wagon R the Alto is smaller and looks more basic inside. So perhaps people go for the Wagon R instead because it looks a bit more "special" ?

As far as I know the Alto comes only with ene-charge. It is not an actual Hybrid system as most car sales people say it is (i.e. it does not have a motor to assist the engine). The ene-charge system uses regenerative braking to charge up a battery which is used to power up electrical components in the car. Thus, reducing the load on the engine and making idle stop/start easier. 

The manufacturers claims are based on a JC08 cycle which includes a 50:50 split between highway and city driving (also note..city driving in Japan would be a lot better than city driving in Sri Lanka as in Japan you get ring roads, inner city expressways, etc...). Also, in Japan manufacturers need to make sure that in real life the car has to atleast do 70% (or more) than than what the JC08 figures are. So even in Japan, you can expect the real fuel consumption in a JC08 to be around 23.8 - 25.9 kmpl.

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Okay...so the gentleman actually lost one of the key components of a micro hybrid system, which is that it is not an actual Hybrid system. I still stand by what Suzuki themselves say (based on the actual definition of a micro hybrid system as in the link that has been given)...ENE-CHARGE is not a Hybrid system but a system to improve engine efficiency by providing a mechanism to power electronic components and accessories through  reduced dependency on the engine. 

Can't compare the Wagon R's system with the Alto's because the Wagon R only came with S-ENE-CHARGE (which is an actual mild hybrid system....which is now slowly getting phased out and replaced by what Suzuki calls MILD HYBRID) and the Alto comes only with ENE-CHARGE.

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