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Would you guys recommend buying a BMW 520i from 2003 as my first vehicle?



I have my mind on a BMW 520i from 2004. It has over 120k of mileage. 2200cc. Automatic transmission. Will there be any issues if I buy this vehicle? Also it's having the fourth owner rn. Would you guys recommend buying this?


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If you have deep pockets, by all means, do go for it. You will have to keep up with maintenance & fuel costs. The E60 generation isn't the most common beemer around, smart & striking car though.

If first car means, first time driving your own car, hope you aren't afraid to scratch/ding it.

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Well....depends on who you are actually...how much of an OCD petrol head are you ? Are you financially stable and independent (i.e. you have a decent income and even after paying all the bills you are able to make some savings) ?

If you love cars and quite diligent about maintaining a car and have sufficient funds to do so. Then yes...

If this is your first experience with owning or maintaining a car on a long term basis on your own then probably not. I said the latter part because quite a few of us I know maintained our parents' cars when we were in school...worked in garages during summer breaks, etc...and became quite OCD about maintaining cars.... 

An old Euro to me is like adopting a baby (or a puppy). You need to service it on time...attend to any niggles early on. Also, you cannot find cheap Chinese parts for these...As long as you keep up with the good maintenance history, these things will be true to you and last a long long time. If not it will bite you....chew you up and spit you out...only to to repeat the process again.

Also, do NOT buy a BMW, Merc (or any other car in fact) just because it looks nice or is cheap. Check for a good maintenance history and good mechanically and electronically sound car (sometimes they might have worn out paint jobs, or even dents and have no fancy body kits). In fact..try to buy one from a trusted source (there are some close-knit BMW fraternities/sororities around you can check Also check the one or two reputed thrid party specialist garages...they know of cars that their clients are looking to sell.

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The fact that you are asking if it is ok to buy in a forum is that you don't know what you are getting in to.

I know of few petrol heads who daily run and maintain BMWs Mercs of older vintage.

But they put in lot of love and time to their cars. They know about cars and maintain them personally or through reliable specialists. Get down parts from US/UK/Singapore/Germany (new/ used) which saves a lot.

There are enthusiast you will meet and help you once you get in to this. Some times you will have to wait couple of weeks for parts to arrive.

Used Euros are best bang for bucks and will give you lot of enjoyment and pain

If you are ok for this sort of thing go and get the car if not go and get a Corolla / Allion/ Lancer




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I would say no, as a beginner not this age of bmw at least. 

also to add to the others, do not expect it to hold up value, even though u take care of it or upgrade it. These were 7mil up cars when new 

also do not get too finicky with the mileage as these are high mileage capable cars, look at the service history, go ocd on that and get a thorough inspection done, 

most cases the inspection alone puts you off the idea as this country is is full of people who don’t maintain cars well, and short term money makes who flip cars for a profit, 

especially euros which they buy dirt cheap from the owner or lease yard, do a facelift or paint touch up, shoddy work beneath and sell it to a poor bum saying bmw luxury ultimate V*P blah blah 

This is taking into account that you are investing a certain lump of your finances into buying your car and hoping to enjoy the car. If you can manage to withstand the financial turmoil, Any car can be made to look good and reliable.


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