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Mitsubishi Pajero 1998 V6 GDi


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On 6/18/2020 at 2:16 PM, Fresher101 said:

Hi Folks,

Can anyone tell me if pajero 199X late series GDI V6 have the same problems related GDI as 200X Monteros? 

Also why is the pajero model called GDI V6 where Monteros have two versions GDI and V6.


Thanks !

Didn't most GDI's have the same issues with the fuel pump as well as problems running low octane fuel locally?


The V6 was sold brand new by the agent Unit#d Mot#rs locally. Unit#d Mot#rs didn't sell any GDI versions of the JDM/Japanese reconditioned models locally.

Lancer (JDM Cedia was GDI)

Montero IO 2L non GDI (Pajero IO was a 1.8L GDI & turbo variant as well)

Montero 3L V6 & 3.8L V6 non GDI (Pajero petrols were GDI)

I'm not sure if the Magna & Verada were the exception but even those were Australian market versions

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6 hours ago, Fresher101 said:

Thanks guys. I decided to stay away from GDIs anyway. Heard they are trouble in any form ?

I have't used one personally but can recommend the non GDI petrol engines as we used a 2L Montero IO for a while. Very reliable, straightforward with minimal maintenance required.

I was under the impression though that locally most had managed to figure out how to fix the GDI's but if you can avoid it you might as well in that it isn't trouble free, just the there were enough vehicles, especially the JDM Monteros for garages to have learned how to put it right which invariably involves a new fuel pump I believe

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