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Buying a Perodua Axia



Hi guys,


I am interested in a recent deal for my wife. It is a Perodua Axia 2016. The car has a low mileage record (20000KMs) and the cost is 2825000. However, when I inspected it with the help of Greasemonkey, we found some issues (this is a Black Axia and the rest of the tests were passed).

  • No records on paint jobs (there are some paints to fix scratches)
  • Some scratches exist (I can show photos) - the owner agreed to fix these
  • It has a slight engine oil leak (does not drop on the floor but it is apparent - underhood test)
  • The steering is kinda stiff and stated as Power Steering Pump Fail - could be an issue with oil

The owner ( a lady) agrees to fix the issues but not through Unimo. It seems the paint fixes are also not handled through the agent. Except for these issues the car is in a very good condition. So, I have a couple of questions for you as you must be familiar with these things. 

  • Should I buy this car with the fixes (I will do another test before purchasing)? - I also need to run an valuation as the bank requires it. Anyone knows if Unimo is handling these? (Planning to use CareDrive otherwise)
  • Should the owner do these maintenance through the agent (without utilizing outsiders)?
  • The maintenance records are available but why could not they spot these issues? Is it an issue with their service?
  • Is it worth the price? Should I purchase it at all?

I very much appreciate your thoughts! Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,


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engine oil leaks and power steering failure are not huge issues but given its mileage is 20,000km my bet is that the odometer is tampered with. you could either ask her to fix the issues before buying or get a quotation to fix the issues from a garage and ask the owner to discount that amount from the sale value. 

not sure if unimo is doing valuations but there are many vehicles valuers who would visit the place where the car is located and do the valuation. make sure you are doing the valuation from a place that is accepted by the Bank you're taking the loan/lease facility from.

cannot comment on the prices as SL car market is highly volatile. I'd seen axias advertised around 2.5 mil sometime back but the times may have changes now as reconditioned vitz's are being advertised above 5 mil nowadays. 

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if the vehicle has this much problems at 20000 kms run, there's something fishy. since you're getting this for your wife, I think this isn't gonna be a good deal. maybe odometer has been tampered with? maybe some accidents?

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