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Fixing a turbo charger to a petrol Montero sport 2003 3000CC

supun sasmitha

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19 minutes ago, supun sasmitha said:

Can you guys please tell where can i get it done and what are the pros and cons of doing it.

Thank you.

Can be done talk to an expert like Bruce ( Bruce motorsports ) or sacha (WEPR)

Only cons I can think of are

Its not a small job, lot of fabricating involved.

Cost, expect atleast 500k LKR in cost wherever it is.

Reliability, till things are fine tuned you will have issues 

Engine might need a rebuild or onceover to hold up with the setup if you are into high miles,

Please go ahead with it! 

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Like Tiv said..talk to people who know what they are doing...and WEPR is a global brand by itself.

Can be done but it is not as simple as sticking a turbo charger on to the engine. 

1. Do you know if the internals can handle being turbo charged ? It would depend on how much boost you plan to run...but my gut feeling is that as long as the boost is low the stock internals should hold up (if not you will have to upgrade the internals)

2. Then you will have to redo the manifolds and maybe even the entire exhaust system to let the engine breath better.

3. Then you need to look in to the piping for miscellaneous ancillaries like the intercooler and the intercooler placement itself (which would need fabrication for mounting)

I think tiv's 500K is on the conservative side and what you might end up spending if you are extremely lucky and everything just falls in place with no unexpected surprises. The car will have niggles until things get sorted out (i.e. properly tuned); and people like Bruce and Sacha will themselves advice you as such and will be able to sort things out for you until it is reliable (this also translates to money). The thing is you might realize that things that were working perfectly before are starting to give issues because of the changes.

A petrol 3000cc Pajero Sport is not the most in-demand vehicle out there and turbo charging it will scare away many. Only a few (enthusiasts ?) would actually see the uniqueness and potential of it (so it is best to get it done with proper parts and proper people).

May I ask WHY you want to Turbo Charge this particular car ? The 3L V6 is peppy by itself (for its class)...what do you hope to gain from it ? more power (hp) ? more torque ? Also, depending on the amount of power you add to it...you might want to upgrade the brakes and the suspension as well (later on).

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