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2013 Prius Brake problems

Dhanushka Amarakoon


  • Make: Toyota Rrius 2013
  • Model: ZVW30
  • Mileage: ~75,000 km
  • Prios known issues or symptoms: None

Hi guys,

My car started to show the orange, red exclamation lights and the ABS light with a continuous beeping sound. Car braking was also difficult as I had to really hit the pedal to get it to slow down.

I managed to get the car checked at Toyota Lanka (Diagnosis below)


As per Toyota Lanka I have to replace the below parts which is going to cost me quite a bit.


Further the technician said that he has temporarily fixed the problem ( which he did, brake is working for now with no warning or error lights). My question is if the system is indicating such as significant error how did the technician manage to fix it without part replacement.

He also said that I have the option of getting it repaired via Toyota Lanka but that I would have to sign a document releasing them from any liability. And if the repair failed I would have to replace the part. Costing me both fothe attempted repair and the parts.

Any advice on where I can get this fixed / replaced cheaper. And what are your general thoughts on using recondition parts for this repair.

Thanks in advance.

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The Master Cylinder failure...which leads to the ABS and service lights lighting up the dashboard like a Christmas tree is a known problem. This started around 2010 and for a few years after that and Toyota still has some law suits pending in America over it. For Japan, I beleive Toyota had a service campaign a few years ago and fixed it (of course if any of these cars got exported out of Japan BEFORE the service campaign was applied to the car..it would not have gotten fixed)There was apparently a manufacturing defect in the unit as they used some components that were below required specs (so I suppose they can fix it and the technician can fix it temporarily by adjusting somethings ? I dunno).

Your high cost factor is not WHERE you do the work but WHAT you use to do the repair. A brand new Master Cylinder itself costs about 180,000yen in Japan...so the brand new part itself is expensive. A lot of people do seem to go purchase used parts which I suppose would be a lot cheaper. But then you also carry the risk of that MC also going bad (unless you find one from a newer model that was not effected by the defect or find one that had gotten the service campaign applied).

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2 hours ago, Dhanushka Amarakoon said:

Thank you for the info. Do you know how i check the abs part number of my vehicle. I was told its under my brake pedal but I cant find it.

Go to an EPC site on the internet...pick the model of your vehicle and you can find the part number there.

I don't know about the pedal but the master cylinder itself would have the part number labelled on it.

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