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Nissan Patrol Y61

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Hello members,

This is to inform that I have started rebuilding a crash damaged Nissan Patrol Y61.

I am right now finding it very difficult to source certain mechanical parts situated at the front end such as

  • viscous fan
  • Radiator fan guard
  • coolant reserve tank
  • Turbo hoses
  • Air filter housing
  • Steering stabilizer link

If there is any Patrol experts out there please help me by providing details of sources since I am quite new to this vehicle type.

Local sources are preferable since it saves time and is hassle free given the current situation.

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Why dont you do a custom build for all of the following. You ll get better power gains as well with more durable parts.

Viscous fan - use an electric fan, or a pair with a nice race spec radiator, also will come with the expansion tank

The fan shroud problem is also eliminated 

Turbo hoses, you can find silicone hoses in all shapes and sizes. They dont deform much and withstand heat much better 

Air filter housing, use an after market filter assembly, branded of course, K&n cone etc

Unless you are planning to sell or flip the vehicle the above replacements are upgrades to the stock setup so you ll be fine.



Only part you need to look for stock is the steering stabilizer link.

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On 11/25/2020 at 6:04 AM, tiv said:

Only part you need to look for stock is the steering stabilizer link.

That's easy to find too (from Australia) as there are lots of beefed-up aftermarket suspension, steering & stabilizer parts from suppliers like Ironman, ARB, Toughdog etc for the Y61 

And since both ARB and Ironman have local representatives in Colombo, it should be easy to sort out...

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