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Good car for 4-5mil


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Hello,looking for a vehicle to buy starting from range 4mil to mil,sedan,hatchback or a crossover,fuel consumption to low maintenance,what are some of the good suggestions to buy according to above mentioned details,thank you 

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Firstly, you can never predict the future of a car but generally, 

If you want fuel economy and relatively low maintenance then go for a newer and popular toyota hatchback like Passo or Yaris/Vitz.  Aqua is a little more expensive and older but more economical on petrol, repairs are expensive tho. 

If this was a year back then id say Axio 161 but now prices are skyrocketed so a much better sedan would be Honda FD civics, Lancer EX-s and Mazda 3. Axio 141 is not worth 4.8 mil

if you are buying a secondhand prius or any hybrid, keep money in hand for battery replacements and battery health checkups. 

For a SUV: Vezel has a DCT issue so Honda CRV 2008-ish would be in your budget after 2006-ish RAv4's. 

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11 hours ago, HaeylM said:

@iRageI guess because there are way few EX-s in good condition, the prices have gone up for the ones in market? I saw a 2010 one a while back but the interior was hacked up with ralli art badges and fake carbon trim stickers 😂

So yeah...even with the likes of the Lancer EXs...the only ones that would fit the OPs budget would be the RalliArt stickered riced up ones. It seems liek what can be bought for 4-5mil now is what could be bought between 3-4 mil early last year ?

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