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Engin Tuneup


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 Hope you all are doing good. Looking forward to have your opinions on below concern.

 I am using a Toyota Premio 2018 which was imported as a 0 Mileage under the Ster**ng Warrenty.. Currently it has done almost 50,000 KM. I have been maintaining the car with Ster**lng and all services are done on time. Even though we cant assure the local fuel quality, I have been pumping octane 95.

 Last time when I serviced the vehicle, Ster**ng People require to do a engine tune up & to change spark plugs if required, before 50,000 KM. What my concern is, do I really require to carry out such engine tune up just before 50,000 KM. AFAIK original (Iridium) plugs can run up to 100,000 KM.


As my next service is due, seek your advice on this

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Oh god....these Engine tune up posts p*$()### me off. The whole notion of "engine tune-up" is a complete and utter farce in Sri Lanka....the whole Engine tuneup is from the damn 70s and 80s when cars had carbs that were tempromental as a $#@#$#@@$ #$## PMS @###@#$$## mid-life crisis. These cars needed their carbs adjusted...filters cleanes...valves adjusted...etc...etc...etc...none of which moderns cars need. Modern cars have continuous pre-emptive maintenance schedule that checks and replace if needed certain components. In SL...partly because car owners are cheap....these maintenance checks are not done for years and then garages create panic in owners just so that they can charge an arm and a leg.

If your car was in Japan....the Premio being a car of the present era, a 50,000kms inspection (mind you the car gets inspected every year in Japan and this would be around the 50,000km mark) you would expect to

- replace the air filters and cabin air filters (second time around)..has nothing to do with the engine....

- change the coolant and brake fluid for the second time in the car's life (first would be at 3 years or 30,000k when brand new and then 2 year intervals after that..mandatory for road inspection)..has something to do with the engine I suppose

- check brake pad depth and inspect other components of the brake (replace if it has less than 30% or something...has nothing to do with the engine

- check the suspension - inspect bushes, look for gas leaks etc...nothing to dow ith the engine again...

- check the steering for play and any abnormal wear and tear...nothign to do with the engine...

- since the fuel in Japan is pretty good all they do is just pour in a fuel additive to clean the injectors and chase away any moisture build up in the tank...in SL it might be a good idea to check the injectors and do a UV clean 

- check fuel pressure and if low change the filter and check the pumps...(has something to do with the engine)

- then they will read the ECU for any fault codes and attend to those. If not..that is it...

- Then they will inspect things like listen for abnormal noises, clunks etc from the engine...

- Check spark plugs..your car should have iridium plugs which are good for 80-100 thousand km. In Japan it does last that long...but in Sri Lanka since the fuel is bad and there might not be a full combustion there might be carbon build-up on the tips. The problem is...with Iridium plugs you can't just clean the tips like in old copper plugs...well..you can..but you are highly likely to spoil the plugs)..so ..has to do with the engine

- Now...Toyota Japan has gotten in to the habit of doing CVT fluid changes every 20,000-30,000km (recommended). So they will ask the owner if they want a CVT fluid change. They will talk to the owner to see how they use the car and if it is a car that is not used under severe conditions they would just forego it....however, the change interval for the CVT can be even up to 80,000 - 100,000km (i.e. they will not just change it until the car has such a high mileage). In SL it might be recommended to change the CVT fluid because of the high stop and go driving we do.

- Lubricate applicable components.

- check the calibration of the safety system.

- do a smog test 

and that is about it...there really is nothing anything major..just an inspection and replace whatever is excessively worn out. In Vietnam I did the 50,000km inspection for the FOrtuner (and that included lubricating the 4WD system and swapping diff and transfer case oil) it cost me 125US$. Have not had to do it on any of my cars in Japan (Corolla would need it in about 4 years time ?). I know many people who do most of it by themselves.

However, in SL...they make it out to be this HUGE deal...freak out the owners and then just do a whole lot of BS under the bonnet and then charge a whole lot. So..your 50,000km ENGINE TUNE up..is not a whole lot of work...it is just an inspection and changing some basic consumables (and resolving any issues it might have..which if well maintained would be nothing).

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