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Waterproof covers


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1. Yes..but no...but yes....

I have to use a cover for the Yaris as I do not have covered parking for it (actually it has to get parked at a public (paid) car park.

You need to know when to put it on and pull it off. Don't forget...as much as water stays out (not 100% of water stays out); water can trap inside as well (the bit of water that does streak in...humidity after washing the car, driving in the rain, etc...). That can lead to the paint getting "boilt"/"burnt" etc...

On the plus side, having a cover during "yellow sand" days, especially with rain, is brilliant. It does protect the paint from nasty, guey yellow sand pasting on top of the body. Also, during hot days it does keep the car noticeably cool (body and interior) and does provide UV protection. 

I use the cover only during above days (yellow sand and high temp days), for rain and just normal dust, I find my wax/sealant good enough that the rain just rolls off the body and the dust just gets blown away.

The type of cover is VERY VERY important. Dust proof covers are too coarse and it leaves swirl marks. There are several water proof covers with just two or three plies that are also the same. Make sure you buy a multi ply cover but what is most important is that it has a soft felt final ply (the actual surface that touches the car should be soft felt...there are also these wierd sythetic fabrics that are also paint safe). Then there are the straps....by default you will get two elasty straps...best is to put them in a cross (X) pattern (i.e. anchoring  right wheel to left wheel running diagnol across the roof). However, depending on the wind levels you will need to get a car cover strap which looks like bra straps once put on.

Now....do you need a cover. In my case where the car is in the open and there really is not much cover...I would say yes. But if you have a covered garage (an actual garage or just a shed with the sides exposed)..I would say no. In the case of a shed with the sides exposed...better to put some curtaining on something on sides of the shed to act as walls.

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