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Charging the battery


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I find that the battery on my Hyundai Tucson needs charging as I hardly use it during the lock down.

One option is to run the vehicle daily for about 15 to 20 minutes at about 1500 rpm or buy a car charger.

I have looked up Daraz and the available car chargers are the pulse type and not the analog type (transformer and diodes)

My question is does one have to disconnect one terminal during charging?

This is the way the Hyundai people asked me to do.

The reason being that if the battery is not isolated during charging the electronics in the vehicle could get damaged. 

I checked on Utube and most people say not to disconnect the battery terminal during external charging. 

Any suggestions?

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Interesting question...

On one hand the Hyundai people are correct (to an extent)...the external charging (spikes, etc..) can lead to certain electrical components in the car. But then again these are "protected" behind fuses and relays, etc...that those would get spoilt and then go on to potentially effecting the electronics. Also, if your car has some abnormal paracetic bleed then the charging is not going to work that effectively.

But then the chargers don't require the battery to be removed and you can just plug and use. Lets not forget, removing the battery from the car disconnects the car and things like the radio, clock, etc..will get reset (depending on the vehicle and length of disconnection). If you buy a good charger and is sititng bhind a decent consistant power supply.

So whether you do it or not is up to you. Another option is to use a batter connector switch (see Pic below)...that way you disconnect the car when you are charging (so you do not need to spanner out the terminal). 

But most importantly...charging the battery is NOT the only reason you should start the engine periodically. You start the engine and run it up to heat to ensure that the fluids reach up to tempreture as well as to ensure fluid gets circulated (not heating up and not circulating can lead to the oil breaking apart or even sludging). So...even if you buy a charger..you should run the engine...better yet...if possible roll it back and forth as well.

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First of all not a marketing thing, but the trickle charger type should work for you. It wont overload the system and try and keep the car battery at a certain level. This is something major manufacturer recommend for customers who dont use the car much.

Disconnecting the battery would mean that you reset all the systems, if its got a lot of electrics that are connected then you will have a lot of issues.



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