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Place to Patch up a deep Scratch


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My vehicle has got a Deep scratch and I am looking for a good place where I can do a paint job with puttying to see it like brand new. This is no major deal But it worries me a lot in my mind.

Have got a few small rust marks as well. What are the places which you can recommend to a decent paint job either in Galle or Colombo, and what should we look for in finding one?

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Well....how deep is it ? Is the metal dened in ? or is it just that the paint is scratched to the metal ?

Same with the rust...what are the rust marks like ?

Places like GTX, PAS, Spraymech, PaintCraft used to have a good reputation but no idea how they are now. Depending on the car even the agents might be a good option. Mind you..a good place is going to be expensive even just to paint a small panel. This being SL..there always will be a garage who will be willing to do it for half the price for 5% of the quality of reputed places (having said that...there are some really really good tinkering/painting guys working out of nothing but a canopy under a tree).

Check with someone like @Octanehead as well....places like bays that might be the ultimate for detailing might have some corrective solutions that are less invasive or at the very least have recommendations on places to take the car to (usually these detailing places see really bad paint jobs that they pretty much have a directory of places not to go to :D)

Depending on the depth you might not even have to put putty and might be able to get away with just a clean up, primer and paint. For it to look good...you need to make sure that the use of putty is minimal...use a good paint...paint entire panels or strategic blocks of the panel so that the color blends in and make sure that the paint is thin and uniformy applied.

Have you tried using some compound to thin away the scratch mark ? Sometimes althought the paint makes it look like it is deep, it actually is not.

1. You do not use putty to fill up a scratch or dent. Sadly this is what 99% of so called baases do in SL. You fill it with putty it is going to look like crap in a short time. The metal needs to be pulled out 99.9% back to what it was and then a thin layer of putty needs to be put in. This takes time..and skill...both of which these baases lack. 

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