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Front wheel bearing keep on failing

Hansa G

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Hi there, 

At about 50,000km I had to replace the front right hand side (driver’s side) wheel bearing due to bearing noise and mechanic said it had worn out. 
Replace with a brand new aftermarket part. 
And now at 95,000km, I see hear the same bearing noise from same side (drivers side) and upon inspection the mechanic said it too had worn out. 

So my question is, what likely be the cause for only this wheel bearing (drivers side) keep on failing like this? 
What else I should check? 
Any pointers you can give me to investigate with a help of a mechanic? 

Thanks in advance!

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for starters...it very well could be that your aftermarket bearing is just not of good quality. So after 45,000km it is showing signs of wear and needs replacement or that the installation was bad. Did you go for a reputable brand and if so are you sure it was a genuine product and not a knock off?

Secondly, is your driver's side wheel properly setup (camber, alignment, toe) and is your suspension properly setup (no weird modifications, struts, control arms, etc...are not damaged and aligned properly). If these things are off, then it puts undue stress on..well...pretty much everything and can cause the wheel bearing to go bad. You might want to check if there is any accident damage (either from a vehicle collision or simply driving into a pothole or pavement too hard) that has offset the telemetry of these components.



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1 hour ago, iRage said:

aftermarket bearing is just not of good quality

this I truly agree. but then again before the replacment part it was the OEM bearing. that is for sure should last over 90,000km right? but the puzzling thing is why it failed way before its alf a life.


1 hour ago, iRage said:

that has offset the telemetry of these components

do you know of any place who does this geniunly and accurately?

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21 minutes ago, Hansa G said:

do you know of any place who does this geniunly and accurately?

Any decent garage. Back in the day Platinum and a few other garages were good at tuning up suspension (but their prices could only be justified if suspension had been upgraded with coilovers and such). At the end of the day you need to find a good garage with good mechanics who can properly diagnose suspension issues, and also start with things like checking camber, toe, etc...

What car we talking about here ? What is the history of the car ? Are you sure it has had no accident damage or any suspension and drive train work done on it ?

Yes. Typically, bearings last a long time...but general wear and tear depends on usage factors as well. If you drive on really bad roads, harsh terrains or even wade water (frequently)...then you are reducing the usual life span of the bearings. But then it usually results in all the bearings getting spoilt within short intervals of each other.


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