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Suggestions before buy Honda Fit Aria GD8

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Hello guys,

I'm looking to buy a Honda Fit Aria GD8, and my concern is most of the car mileage is around 150k, since this is my first car and for the price will it be worth and will be there any problem with 150k mileage and should we expect any engine issues?, if anyone can call me and help personally appreciated much

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You are looking at a car that is 15+ years old. 150K km mileage is actually what you can expect (and infact towards the lower end of what you should expect). If you see any car that is 15+ years old (in Sri Lanka) and ha a mileage less than that 99% of the time it is because the mileage has been rolled back.

It doesn't matter what the mileage is what matters is if the car has been taken care of properly (i.e. all running maintenances and preemptive maintenances done properly, its better if the person has receipt and service logs to prove it). There are well maintained cars that have done 200k+ km but run better than shiny looking newer cars with less than 75k on the clock.

So rather than focusing on a number (i.e. mileage) that might be true or not, focus on the actual condition of the car. Get it checked out by the agent and even a place like Car Checks. Then negotiate on a price reduction based on what you have to fix and for things like having to attend to some pre-emtive maintenance work like servicing timing chain components (or replacing timing belt if it has a belt), replacing oil seals, changing CVT/AT fluid, etc...

No one can say what will happen. You are looking at a 16+ year old car. Components have reached its prime and will need replacing (as mentioned before). Even if it has been running flawlessly it might develop an issue in the near future. You never know. All you can do is make sure you buy the best condition car that your money can buy and replace components you know would have been worn out by now (before it actually breaks). If you want a near flawless car that will not breakdown or gets covered by a warranty when it breaks down, you will have to buy a brand new car.

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