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Wagon R Fuel consumption


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Hi, I have got a 2014 YOM Wagon R FZ.

But it looks to be having some issues with fuel efficiency as it only does 15-16 on City limits (Where by I have heard it should be doing more than 18Km/l)

So a few questions:

1. If this is not expected, what are the immediate actions that I can do to increase my fuel efficiency (Because my first choice of the car was about size and fuel)

2. What are the other best fuel-efficient car options available (Hybrid and non-hybrid models)?


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Lose weight....


getting 15-16 from an expected 18 is not that bad at all. Fuel economy changes drastically based on how a person drives, to the times of the day one travels, to things you do in the car. So do not fret too much about such a small drop. Doing simple things to lose weight in the car (including that of passengers) can help (for a little car like a kei car). Then do things like maintaining your car properly...clean air filter, properly inflated tires. 

Then there are things you do in the car...like sitting in idle with the AC on waiting for people...to accelerating hard...etc...

So before you even think about option 2 in your list. Maintain your car and change your driving/riding habits.

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We have a 2018 FZ Premium only does 15-16 in the City (School run) driven with very heavy right foot.

I have seen 30kmpl when driven leisurely early morning with absolutely no traffic.

Highway does 35kmpl @ 60kmph, 25-30 @ 80kmph, less 25kmpl @ 100kmph if the fuel economy gauge is correct.

Average calculated by the car economy gauge is generally correct. I have checked full tank to full tank.

It is all about your right foot. 🙂






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