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I’M Trying to buy a Toyota Hiace ( made between 1989 -2004 ) I’m bit confused with the models available can someone explain to me about the models and its differences?

I’m just adding some information I collected so it could be useful for someone, please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong

My breakdown provides a comprehensive understanding of the model codes and their meanings for the Toyota Hiace H100 series

LH = Diesel Engine 

RZH = Petrol Engine

LH1 or RZH1 = it is H100 series 

LH10 (Second No 0 means ) = Standard Weelbase 

LH11 (Second No 0 means ) = Long Week base

LH12 (Second No 2 means ) = Super Long wheel base 

LH16 (Second No 6 means ) = 5L engine

LH17 (Second No 7 means ) = 5L engine Long wheel base 

LH18 (Second No 8 means ) = 5L engine with Super Long Wheel base 

LH11(0-4) or LH10(0-4) (3rd No between 0-4 means ) = 2 WD Drive 

LH11(5-9)  (3rd No between 5-9 means ) = 4 WD Drive 

With this i have a doubt as what is the difference between LH102 and LH103 ? 

Can someone explain the factors that decides the value of this van?

as per my knowledge 

# 4 door van is valuable then a 5 door van in Sri Lanka

# 2 WD drive van is valuable then a 4WD Drive

# Manual gear van is valuable then a Automatic gear van




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23 hours ago, kwicky said:

Good post. Learnt a lot from this. But the questioned asked are still open. Any expert here? 🤔

What is the question ? What determines the value ?

In Sri Lanka the value of the HiAce (and any car for that matter) is based on misinformation spread by car salesmen and brokers, myths forever engrained in society thanks to the Johnny Uncles and Siriya Lathas, and technical knowhow stuck in the 1970s.

So....we believe any rusk bucket with a Toyota badge is more valuable than anything else....mechanics down the road know only about engines from the 1970s, so the older the technology, the more valuable it is. Ability to fix it cheaply makes it more valuable (e.g. 4 doors are more valuable than 5 doors because now you have to maintain an extra rear door that can break...the fact that the 5 door has a proper C pillar to hold the extra sliding door making it stronger makes it less valuable). Cheaper running cost adds more value. Depending on what the brokers have in stock for sale the price of certain model may go up or down (what they want to sell is the best car ever and is worth its weight in gold..when they want to buy a particular model or don't have one..it is the worst thing to run on the roads, even if it is the same car they sold a few days ago). The final factor that adds value to a car in SL is how much the neighbors get impressed by your wonderful purchase. 

Where the HiAce is concerned...all configurations are quite good workhorses. Engines are robust. At the end of the day what SHOULD determine its value is the condition it is in, what is needed in terms of repairs and the use you can get out of it, its practicality and availability in the market (against the demand for it, i.e. if more people want a short wheelbase low roof but there are only a few for sale then the value of them will go up as a larger number of people compete for a small number of available cars. Same thing happens vice-versa. If there are more highroof long-wheelbases vans around than the number of people wanting them, the price will go down for this model so that it can attract some of the people who were looking to buy a different variant).

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