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  1. Almost every econobox on the road wants to go racing with my little copen! Be it Corollas, passos, rice civics, 80s 90s sticker raped cars and the latest one a wagon r with this V I P 2000buck light.

    he was trying to race behind me for like 20miles, I wasn't even trying. 

    I guess the lack of travel and covid lockdowns have driven road buffs to insanity.

    1. Kavvz


      Oh you got one? Hey good for you man! Congratulations! 

    2. Magnum


      Fully send it yo

    3. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Small PP syndrome on their part. 

      Women drivers get this daily. My wife had a pug 407 black with red interior.

      Buggers be risking their kids lives to overtake her in their puny ecoboxes. 

      Other women drivers in their fits/aquas & what-not be glaring at her and cursing her existence. 

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