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Car Scratch Removing Help


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I have a very small scratch on back side of the car (car is white) and scratch is showing as "Black"

1) Is this inner coating or body metal ?

2) how this can repair ? (eg: Can I use scratch remover ? )


1> Its sounds like its just a scuff mark from what ever it was that caused the scratch.

2> Clean the area well and inspect it. If it does seem like its some residue on top of the paint you can easily remove it by using some rubbing compound.

I use a wet/dry rubbing compound from turtle wax: A bit of compound, on a clean damp cotton cloth should rub out such scratches just fine. Take your time doing it and take care not to press too hard as the idea is to lift off / rub out the scratch without harming the clear coat or the paint that is underneath.

If you can't find turtle wax rubbing compound ask around for a similar branded product. 3M makes wet/dry rubbing compound as well; that or any comparable product should work fine...

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It appears that you got a hairline crack and a piece has chipped off the bumper.

Right now, the best thing you can do is to let it be. You will be able to touch it up with a bit of paint but is it really necessary?

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thanks for everyone for replies

Here I have attached the image ( marked with Two RED boxes) and it happened when the car hit a pole when reversing

can you check the image here ( http://imgur.com/EpYHE ) and feedback regarding the nature of this scratch / damage please?


For the damage on the upper corner my solution will NOT work. It looks like the impact cracked a couple of layers of paint. For this spot I wouldn't rub any thing on as that would just make it worse. I feel you'll have to go to a paint / body shop / tinkering joint to address it properly.

The solution I provided might work / help the situation for the lower spot damage indicated; but i doubt it would make a noticeable difference. As you'll have to get the upper spot fixed by a pro, I feel there's no point mucking around with the bottom one: You should head over to a body shop / tinkering joint and get both areas fixed.

Edit: If as 'Crosswind' states: This is just the bumper and the paint crack shown in the upper red box does not extend into the structure of the bumper, and if the bumper is plastic like on most cars these days: Then there's really no harm done in letting it be; its not going to rust or get worse and it doesn't look like its too noticeable...

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