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Lambo In Sl!!!!!!


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"The LP550-2 Super Trofeo is a version of LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni for Hong Kong market. It does not include the centre stripe in the original car. It includes e-Gear transmission, Super Trofeo body kit (tail wing, front and tail diffuser, side skirts), front and side airbags, TFT screen with USB/iPod connection, GPS with Bluetooth, front axle height control.[21][22]"

- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamborghini_Gallardo

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Well the cars Dilantha's obviously. And the car is brought down duty free with the permission of our President. So it's basically only the cost of the car. Btw, RACING is going to play a very serious role in Sri Lanka future ahead. so watch out for international F1 tracks in colombo and hambantota :)

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Isnt it a wonderful world when you can be close to the king and be exempted from taxes and duties that every other citizen is subjected to.

PS: That little smile inside me was wiped right off with the disgust I now have for this car, purely due to HOW it came into the country.

Great to see a Lambo on our roads but can't help but agree with you...plus there's talk that it ain't exactly Dilantha's car...ifyouknowwhatimean ;)

Sri Lanka future ahead. so watch out for international F1 tracks in colombo and hambantota :)

ahh which government website did you get this horse shit from?...We can make any number of 'F1 tracks' as we like,but getting to host an actual Formula 1 race is a whole nother matter.For starters you need to pay Bernie Ecclestone 40 million USDs for the previledge. Edited by MasterDon
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