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New Petrol Prado


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  • 2 years later...

The JDM diesel prado is more expensive than the petrol version.

Then the prado LC4, LC5 are about 4-6 million more expensive than a petrol counterpart.

The rest of the 150 diesels which are in sri lanka are imported through the agents which comes with the diesel 5L-E engine which on my opinion is gonna be very underpowered for a vehicle of that size. (This engine produces only 94hp).

We owe a prado which has got the 2.7l 2TR-FE which produces 163hp which is quite adequate in terms of power and fuel efficiency.

And the JDM petrol toyota prado comes packed with bells and whistles rather than the agents imported diesel one. Options such as leather electric seats, 3-way camera, 14 speaker sound system comes with the petrol JDM Prado.

So i think because of these reasons that their are more petrol prado's than diesel ones.

So basically the JDM Petrol prado is the best buy for the money.

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>> The JDM diesel prado is more expensive >> than the petrol version.

Unless Toyota made drastic changes during the last 6 weeks - There is NO JDM diesel Prado !!! In fact the Japanese domestic market hasn't had a diesel Prado since about 2005/2006 when the newer emissions regulations kicked in. Same goes for the full sized Land Cruiser !! Same applies for the Land Cruiser 70 which is only avl in petrol for the JDM whilst the rest of the world has been getting it in diesel variants for nearly 4 or 5 years. Toyota's reasoning is that they are working on a heavy duty hybrid system for the Land Cruisers and it is not worth it for them to develop a diesel vehicle of the JDM. In fact Toyota doesn't have any fiesel cars that are classified as passenger cars in Japan.

In fact the only diesel for that (prado) class of car is the Pajero.

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why there is lots of new petrol prados? is it fuel efficient? i have seen more petrol prados than diesel. never seen a new diesel prado

lot of prados may be because they are at very higher prices - around18 million I guess.

only few peoples can go for that price - and they have lot of options to buy other than prado.

if you ask from a car sale, some of the prados were imported more than a year back.

so the car sellers keep on advertise them.

regarding the diesel, you can get down a land cruiser 202 for that price I guiess

and for the fellows who go for a higher end vehicle, cost of the fuel not an issue for them.

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