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Honda Ek3 Clutch


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Dear All

My Honda EK3( Exi-98 Brand new ) having clutch issue

It is hard than other cars.

I have tried same model and 2000 (YOM) and it was very very smooth and easy.

i'd say my one is 50% hard than other one

So one technician said that pressure plates have been worn off and that is the reason and you need to replace the Clutch plate. Pressure plate and the bearing too.

Questions –

  1. How true of his comment
  2. Agents prices are 17K(pressure plate) 13K Clutch plate, 4k bearing
  3. TXXh motors price (Japanese made) 8k 8K 2k
  4. How to make sure the Japanese items are really Japanese and not duplicate
  5. What could go wrong using Japanese parts than Genuine parts

Please let me see your views. and it is really appriciated


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Mostly GenuineHonda clutch parts are also Exedy/Daikin products, so i think you can use a Japanese made item. Take the clutch plate and PP with you and take a walk around parts shops, they wud compare it to parts they have and sometimes they would quote you a random price, take note of the part num of the item they are showing. And try to get the items by those part numbers in other shops. Costed me 11000/= without the bearing for clutch and pp, but that was a year back, so maybe tech prices are okay.

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In Srilanka our Mechanics have a habit of changing Clutch plate, Pressure Plate, thrust clutch racer bearing. This is totally unnecessary thing to do.

We have no way of testing the pressure plate have to do a load test to get a reading the springs are OK.

Like shock absorbers no one here have a testing machine to test single shock absorber. Only we can test the entire vehicle Shock absorbers.

In most changed Pressure plates can be used for very long time more than 200000 to 300000 Kilometers. Clutch plates give away prematurely due to wrong driving habits.

Some drivers have a habit if driving the car without changing Gears They drive on high gears and give half clutch Instead of changing a gear to come down to to a lover gear so that the car will drive smoothly if not the Clutch will slip and drive.

Due to above fact the clutch plates give away if you examine a pressure plate if it is not heated and changed the surface color then can use the pressure plate back Save lot of money

Above is my experience during the days there were no free imports like today. We only changed the clutch plates Or relined them. There were "Ferodo" Clutch linings which can be bought recondition the clutch plate.I have relined even Prime mover Clutch plates because they were not available.

Some will agree to my opinion.

Sylvi Wijesinghe.

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Thanks sylvi for the advice

can the hydrolic system cause theissue (clutch pedal hard). there no oil leak ..etc



I don't think hydraulic System will cause your problem

Get a mechanic to check up loosening the bleeding nipple.That will be a test for hydraulic pump operating system and Clutch release lever mechanism.

Sylvi Wijesinghe.

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My Ek3 also had the same issue 'Sira'. The clutch was bit hard and they is a small vibration when releasing the peddle. Waruna checked and said it is high time to replace the clutch, PP and bearing.

But after the de-assembling them the clutch plate was not that worn out, but waruna said that previous owner has replaced only the clutch plate and that wont help much and need to replace both together. And he also mentioned by looking at the color of the PP (Gold brownish) PP has heated too much and thats why the color change.

Anyway he suggested me to change the both clutch and PP and I did so. Now the problem solved. Clutch is smooth as the accelerator. For me it was bit difficult at first to control the car due to the smoothness.

It cost me 34k. the clutch and PP replaced were Exceedy.

Edited by Ek3 Ferio
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